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AC3Filter 1.10b

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AC3Filter 1.10b  غير المفتاح

  • Work on stability continues. Now filter shows good stability, therefore its status changes to beta and it may be recommended to replace any previous version.
  • Some additional work was done:
  • Sometimes SPDIF mode cannot be set because of post-processing filters
  • that do not support spdif output. Now it's an additional option to force
  • this problem. Read here for more info:
  • (thanks to LESAGE Aurelien for testing)
  • DivX player now works with SPDIF
  • Some players do not allow to configure filters. Now AC3Filter has tray icon
  • to access filter's settings.
  • Known problems:
  • AC3 encode does not work with some receivers
  • Incorrect playback of some 14bit DTS files
  • Changelog:
  • + Tray icon
  • + 'Disallow PCM in SPDIF mode' option added
  • Divx Player now works with SPDIF output
  • AC3Config app does not crash, but reports an error when filter is uninstalled.

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