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AOL Instant Messenger Triton Beta  غير المفتاح

Buddy Chat
- User must click twice instead of once in Away inline edit field to begin editing message. If you start typing after just one click, the BL filter will make buddies disappear

Buddy List
- Buddy Info does not support having an equals sign as part of a URL
- Uninstalling AOL Explorer and reinstalling it launches MS Internet Explorer instead of the AOL Explorer
- Quick Away window's text edit field doesn't display background color for Away messages created in Away Settings

Compatibility and General
- Installation of AIM 5.9 on clean OS image PC where Triton is already installed and running results in corruption to AOL Toolbar
- Entering invalid password for first two times and then entering valid password brings "Invalid Screen Name" error

- Yelling Smiley (only default yellow Smiley) sent from AIM 5.9 to Triton is displaying as broken in History Window of Triton user
- Member created Icon is not displaying in receiver's pane of IM form when option 'Official Buddy Icons and people on Buddy List' is selected in Expressions preferences for a buddy who is on Buddy List
- Unable to see the Window Color from AIM 5.9 and the (full) Background Color sent by AOL Strauss Mousing over Send button in tabbed IM form may cause Send button art to disappear

Live Video
- LV session does not show the error message that "Your Web Cam is in use by another application"

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