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Blender 2.47

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Blender 2.47  غير المفتاح

* New tools and improvement have been made to the Snapping tools.
* Better Game Engine logic.
* Fixed an incorrect transformation for particle group visualization.
* Fixed negative value in the Gamma node with negative input.
* Tangent shading (which only affects specular) made bump mapping not work for diffuse.
* Fixed Mesh Deform Modifier not working on extruded curves.
* Fixed crash converting old particle system from a linked file.
* Object instancing didn't restore matrices correct for Environment Map, this could give object rendering in the wrong position.
* Compositor nodes with use nodes disabled didn't properly redraw the node window on changes.

* Blender would crash if the user cancel the hair softbody bake.
* The Disable Tex option didn't disable textures for the Texface material option.
* Fixed data browse for image painting, which didn't work.
* Action Editor Border Select Channels no longer selects bones.
* Fix bug in X-Mirror for armatures. When a bone in a mirrored chain wasn't named propertly, it would leave the head or tail in an invalid state.
* Fixed baking AO with greater then 16 samples.
* Fixed "Col" option for particle systems does not work correctly with Mat IPOs
* Fixed Particle mirror could fail on some faces.
* Bevel tool was hanging on certain geometry where the edge to be beveled was shared by two faces that had more than one edge in common and caller was not checking return status of Bmesh eulers.
* Fixed Game Engine corrupts Pose data
* When your home directory is full, saving defaults would fail without raising an error.
* Fixed crash on grab/move on axis when nothing selected.
* Update-automatically option in IPO Editor now updates objects using the active IPO-block as their ObAction when transforming keyframes.
* Shift+H would hide unselected objects on unseen layers.
* Color picker didn't always redraw rgb/hsv/hex values.
* Vertex parenting didn't work correct with multiple unconnected curves.
* Fixed crash in fluid bake with large amount of small fluid objects.
* Outliner doesn't update when changing parent in Transform Properties

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