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DivX 6.0

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DivX 6.0  غير المفتاح

  • Major improvements in quality and compression! DivX 6 codec has equivalent compression to DivX Pro 5.2.1, while DivX Pro 6 codec has 20% better compression than both.
  • DivX 6 codec restricts \'Unconstrained\' profile. \'Unconstrained\' profile is only available in DivX Pro 6.
  • New encoding mode breakdown enables a flexible selection of performance vs. quality, including several new quality modes.
  • \'Insane Quality\' mode for the ultimate in video quality.
  • Rate-distortion optimized H.263 quantization for better quality.
  • Multiple consecutive bidirectional coding is allowed in High Definition profile enabling better compression.
  • VBV change for Portable profile, enabling higher quality Portable video.
  • New source aspect-based resize.
  • The encoder GUI has been redesigned for ease-of-use and better functional grouping.
  • A Feedback Window Lite with real-time encoding information. You can expand the Feedback Window Lite into the full Encoder Feedback Window at the click of a button, and then collapse it again when you want.
  • The Encoder Feedback Window now has fixed dimensions and it is possible to scroll the video preview area for large video resolutions.
  • Support for 4MV estimation, improving picture sharpness and reducing ringing artifacts.
  • DivX 6 codec includes full support for the DivX Media Format and enables access to DivX Media Format features for DivX media (.divx) files in popular media players. Look for the DivX icon near the clock on your taskbar to select special features whenever you play a DivX media file.
  • Through the DivX Media Format, you can now experience interactive video menus, chapter points, multiple audio tracks, XSUB? subtitles, XTAG? video information and more.
  • Faster, PSNR optimized post-processing for superior playback and recoding quality.
  • DivX codec should no longer lose its trial or registered status.

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