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FileZilla 3.2.3 RC1

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FileZilla 3.2.3 RC1  غير المفتاح

+ Add synchronized browsing option to sites and bookmarks
+ If synchronized browsing and directory comparison are enabled, changing directories no longer disables comparison
+ Add some hotkeys for commonly used menu and toolbar items
+ Handle CTRL+A to select all files in queue
- Less CPU usage during SFTP transfers
- Improve appearance of queue tabs on dark themes
- Allow system file associations with singlequotes around filenames for editing
- Fix rare crash on connection failures
- Activity indicators in lower-right corner of main window were not working properly
- Do not allow multiple entries in quickconnect history that only differ in password
- Fix crash if closing filter edit dialog
- Improve timezone offset detection on servers without seconds resolution in listings
- Fix layout issues in settings dialog

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