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Gaim 2.3.1

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2.3.1 (12/7/2007):
Stu: I'm sorry for the MSN problems and the plugin crashes in 2.3.0.
Hopefully this will redeem us. This fixes a number of bugs. I'm a
bit late but I'd like to welcome John to the team. Enjoy!

Luke: I've done absolutely nothing in the last 2 weeks, except watch
others commit bug and, more, leak fixes. People should be noticing
remarkably fewer memory leaks now than 2 or more releases ago.

Kevin: I'm not quite sure what happened to our MySpaceIM Summer of
Code student, but I fixed a few MySpace bugs with idle and status.
I will try to fix some of the other more significant bugs, after I
figure out the protocol, especially including grouping issues.

version 2.3.1 (12/7/2007):
NOTE: Due to the way this release was made, it is possible that
bugs marked as fixed in 2.3.1 will not be fixed until the
next release.

* Fixed a number of MSN bugs introduced in 2.3.0, resolving problems
connecting to MSN and random local display name changes
* Going idle on MySpaceIM will no longer clear your status and message.
* Idle MySpaceIM buddies should now appear online at login.
* Fixed crashes in XMPP when discovering a client's capabilities
* Don't set the current tune title if it's NULL (XMPP/Google Talk)
* Don't allow buddies to be manually added to Bonjour
* Don't advertise IPv6 on Bonjour because we don't support it
* Compile fixes for FreeBSD and Solaris
* Update QQ client version so some accounts can connect again
* Do not allow ISON requests to stack in IRC, preventing flooding IRC
servers when temporary network outages are restored
* Plug several leaks in the perl plugin loader
* Prevent autoaccept plugin overwriting existing files

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