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GetRight 6.3

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GetRight 6.3  غير المفتاح

# Alpha channels for many graphics...8 bits prettier!
# Added "Find Files" button to link to categories of software on FileMirrors
# Fixed issues with Vista/XP/2003 and DEP (Data Execution Protections.)
# Improvements that will help the IE integration with Vista.
# Added a message if privileges (from a Vista limited account) are preventing GetRight from deleting the Startup shortcut.
# Added a button on the Save As "Options" button window--to change the default folders--just is a shortcut to the right config page. (Had a couple people email they couldn't find where to change it...hopefully that's the sort of place they were looking.)
# Fixed how the port got cropped to por on the FTP Proxy tab.
# Fixed the .getright file type icon (fix is in the installers, so can't see in these test builds.)
# Fixed some images on the download window buttons when using the "classic" XP look or older versions of Windows.
# Fixed several BitTorrent things.
# Fixed download status menu/toolbar items not being grayed out correctly when opening.
# Fixed uninstalling old Opera plugins.
# Increased daily download registered user limit to 500
# Improved some podcast processing speeds and problems, especially for very large ones.
# Fixed HTTP proxy for FTP downloads.
# Fixed restoring window locations, X and Width was mixed up in one spot.
# Added so internal DNS cache is cleared every hour (to help with dynamic sites.)
# Fixed podcast downloader to handle some podcasts better (if new items are added at the bottom vs added at the top.)
# Changed the "shutdown when done" so the options (shutdown/hibernate/etc) are in the menus and toolbar button instead of on the Advanced tab.
# Adjusted the Schedule Start and Stop options to match the new Shutdown (so choices there too.)
# Fixed alignment on Import window.
# Added so Pro's Web Access can accept a list of URLs to add multiple downloads at once.
# Fixed some "classic" graphic items (didn't have them for Podcasts or Scripts).
# Fixed some XML processing for large XML files (Podcasts, Metalink, etc.)

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