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GOM Player Major Update Fixes :

- Fixed the bug that brought the DVD back to the beginning when playing after pausing.

- By using the TAB key, you can now see see how far along in the video you are due to the new implemented time function.

- Fixed the subtitle file bug that that crashed on the initial code page.

- Fixed so that subtitles can now be set between 0.1 seconds and 1.0 seconds to your preference.

- On the Right Click menu, the option to full screen will now correctly fullscreen, instead of maximizing as before.

- Fixed the bug that did not allow the execution of an entry of ASX format when an ASX file existed previously.
In the case that in an ASX file there is another ASX file, then ti would not execute correctly.

- Fixed the bug that did not allow Audio/Video scenes to be captured correctly due to UNICODE.

- New EVR (Enhanced Video Renderer) option has be added.

- In the case that that you cannot use VMR9/EVR there will be an error message with an X to let you know that you are not able to use it.

- When clicking on a link, GOM will utilize your default browser instead of opening with IE.

- Fixed the interface of the Video output page.

- Has the ability to make a log.

Filters :

- Fixed the issue where the MKV video and A/V did not sync. (The time bar no longer goes backwards.)

- Fixed the problem where particular AVI files had issues with audio syncing.

- OpenDML play support has been built-in the AVI source filter.

- Changed the priority order in the ASF/WMV file filter.

- Improved Gretech ASF Source 2

- FLV Network Filter production.

- Theora Local File Source filter production.

- AAC support in the Flv Source Filter

- Built-in support to find the appropriate codec for .MOV files.

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