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  • Added: A 'Note' to the box that pops up at the start of a burn when the LB in the settings doesn't match the one in the DVD/MDS file - basically it tells you to put the setting back on 'Calculate Optimal'.
  • Added: Support for one more Lite-On device identifier ('ATAPI iHES') - used when automatically changing the book type etc.
  • Added: Ability to select the size of the format when multiple options are available. 'Preferred' uses the 'Number Of Blocks' value from the first descriptor in the list for a given format type, 'Minimum' and 'Maximum' should be pretty obvious!
  • Added: New log entries showing the status of options (enabled/disabled etc) that have an effect on what happens during an erase operation.
  • Added: The user can now choose if they want to perform full certification or not (the opposite being 'Quick Certification' !) when full erasing BD-RE via the New option 'Prefer Format With Full Certification'. Previously the program always requested full certification - i.e. where the drive tests all the sectors and maps out any bad ones.
  • Added: Detailed 'Write Speed' descriptor information to the bottom of the disc information text.
  • Added: Option to never delete audio files when deleting files (having been told to!) after a burn/verify. This makes it safer for people burning audio discs via the 'Create CD CUE File' feature.
  • Added: The ability to create *.DVD files (a plain text and basic alternative to .MDS files) via the same basic interface used to create the *.MDS ones.
  • Added: 'Content Type' field to the image details box that pops up when you use build mode. ('DVD Video', 'BD Video', 'Data' etc)
  • Added: 'Shut Down' shutdown action that calls the 'ExitWindowsEx' API with the 'EWX_SHUTDOWN' flag. This might work to shut down and turn off the PC for some users where 'EWX_POWEROFF' fails to do so.
  • Added: More debug code to the exclusive access locking / unlocking functions.
  • Added: Options to control build mode prompts for including ADV_OBJ and CERTIFICATE folders when they're present but not in the source list.
  • Added: Ability to ignore the reported file system on remote drives - so the program doesn't then force the 4GB file splitting limit on anything (possibly incorrectly) reported to be using FAT/FAT32.
  • Added: Options to do with (not) prompting for confirmation of HVDVD_TS / BDMV content in Build mode.
  • Added: Options to do with (not) prompting for confirmation of correcting DVD Video / HD DVD Video / BD Video / DivX Video / OS Install Disc settings in Build mode.
  • Added: The option to have Read and Build modes write out an MD5 file when they're done (assuming ImgBurn has been told to calculate the MD5 values in the first place).
  • Added: The program now remembers if the Log windows was minimised / maximised when it was closed and restores it accordingly when opened again.
  • Added: The Main and Log windows now snap to the centre of the screen vertically too, rather than just horizontally.
  • Added/Changed: The program will once again (by default) update the GUI with any proposed setting changes it detects are required when you're building a disc. A new option 'Proposed Setting Changes - Update GUI' can be used to toggle this on/off.
  • Added/Changed: The program will now examine the write speed descriptors to find a match with whatever the user selected (i.e. '8x') and use the values from it (if one is found) when setting the write speed.
  • Changed: Split the BD-RE full erase (with 'Prefer Properly Formatted Discs' enabled) up into the drive controlled operation and the program controlled operation (where ImgBurn zeroes out all the sectors).
  • Changed: When doing a full erase on BD-RE, the program will no longer try a slightly different command unless the previous one wasn't supported - i.e. a failure during the erase (due to a dodgy disc) will no longer make it try again with a slightly different command.
  • Changed: The disc capacity is now shown in the disc information text even when the disc is said to be 'empty', so long as the disc status is 'complete'.
  • Changed: The 'Turn Off' action is now known as 'Power Off' to match the actual flag ('EWX_POWEROFF') used in the 'ExitWindowsEX' API.
  • Changed/Fixed: The program will now only replace the selected boot image with the 'isolinux\isolinux.bin' file (and patch it) if the two point to the same file on your hdd.
  • Changed/Fixed: You were unable to use 'Change Folder' (found on the context menu) when in Build mode if the destination box didn't include a file name.
  • Fixed: An issue when sorting the Write Speed descriptors into ascending order.
  • Fixed: Typo in 'For best result, burn single layer DVDs at 8x or 12x.' status bar message - should have said 'results' (with an 's' !).
  • Fixed: Maximising the log window causes the main window to get lost / hidden behind it - now it jumps back to the front.
  • Fixed: If the application is minimised to the taskbar (or system tray) when the log is maximised, the log window covers/hides the main window when it's restored again.
  • Fixed: Bug where the wrong CRC was STILL being calculated for the isolinux.bin file's boot information table!
  • Fixed: Bug where the selected folder (when coming from the change folder/recent folder menu) was being added to the recent files list.
  • Fixed: Bug where the selected file was not being added to the recent files list.
  • Fixed: A bug in the new function that zeros out unused buffer space which then messed up any 'GET PERFORMANCE' command (the one used to get the supported write speeds).

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