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Inno Setup 5.3.11

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Inno Setup 5.3.11  غير المفتاح

* QuickStart Pack: Now offers to download and install InnoIDE instead of ISTool. InnoIDE is an easy to use Inno Setup Script editor by Graham Murt and meant as a replacement of the standard Compiler IDE that comes with Inno Setup. Using InnoIDE is especially recommended for new users. Note: unlike ISTool, InnoIDE supports Unicode scripts.
* Unicode changes:
- Previously, if a Unicode installer included translations for both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese using the language IDs $0404 (Taiwan) and $0804 (PRC), a user running under another Traditional Chinese language ID—such as $0C04 (Hong Kong)—could have incorrectly received the Simplified Chinese translation by default if it was listed first in the script's [Languages] section. Now, like the ANSI version of Setup, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese are treated as completely separate languages. Thus, provided other options are available, Simplified Chinese will not be considered for selection as the default language on Traditional Chinese systems, and vice versa.
- Compiler IDE editor updated to the latest UniSynEdit version. This fixes the extra empty line appearing at the end of scripts when first saved.
- Ctrl+V/Esc/etc. are no longer intercepted by the Compiler IDE's main window while the Find dialog has the focus.
- Based on RemObjects Pascal Script SVN code revision 233. This fixes GetExceptionMessage always returning "(There is no current exception)" on Unicode.
* Compiler IDE: Added new Build | Open Output Folder command.
* In certain cases, applications started via postinstall nowait [Run] entries did not come to the foreground (top of the Z-order) as expected. This could occur if Setup exited before the spawned process(es) were able to initialize, causing Windows to bring the window that was underneath Setup in the Z-order to the foreground instead. Now, when postinstall nowait [Run] entries are processed, Setup will wait briefly (up to one second) before exiting for another process to bump Setup from the foreground.
* To help protect applications against potential DLL preloading attacks, Setup now always specifies a working directory on shortcuts it creates. If a WorkingDir parameter is not specified or is blank, Setup will try to extract a directory name from the Filename parameter. If for some reason that fails, the working directory will be set to {sys}.
* To help protect installers against potential DLL/EXE preloading attacks, Setup/Uninstall now calls SetDllDirectory to remove the current directory from the DLL search order, and SetSearchPathMode to prevent SearchPath and CreateProcess from searching the current directory before system directories.
* If the Filename parameter of a [Run]/[UninstallRun] entry or Exec/ShellExec call does not include a path, and a WorkingDir value is not provided, Setup/Uninstall will now specify a known-safe default (currently {sys}) for the process's initial current directory, instead of allowing the process to inherit Setup/Uninstall's current directory. You should not rely on this behavior, however; it is best to always specify a path in the Filename parameter.
* When an Open or Save common dialog is dismissed, the current directory is now restored to its original value.
* Updated bzip2 library to version 1.0.5.
* Minor tweaks.

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