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IZArc 3.6.1260

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IZArc 3.6.1260  غير المفتاح

- Added support for BZip compression for ZIP archives (WinZip 9 compatible)
- Added support for ZIP AES (128, 192 and 256 bit) encryption (WinZip 9 compatible)
- Added support for archives > 4GB
- Added support for store empty subfolders
- Improved "Add files" dialog
- Added different icons for every archive type that is associated with IZArc
- Added "Clear History" option
- Added "Import/Export Settings" options
- Removed file browser. Now IZArc starts faster
- Fixed: extracting of GZip (.gz) archives
- Fixed: extracting files with duplicated names in archives by drag and drop
- Fixed: update of status bar when select files using keyboard
- Fixed: progress bar status when compress/extract 7-Zip archives
- Fixed: using Windows colors for IZArc main controls
- Removed error message when open empty ZIP archives
- Date format used by IZArc is synchronized with Windows current date format
- Updated 7-zip32, UnAce and UnRar DLL libraries
- Some small improvements and bugs fixing

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