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MetroTwit 1.0.0

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MetroTwit 1.0.0  غير المفتاح

* Added multiple account support
* Added support for filtering
* Added new out-of-box-experience for first time users
* Added ability to preview larger user avatars
* Added undo tweet functionality
* Added Twitter events support for user follows, list membership and tweet favorites
* Added support for adding users to lists
* Added user full name to username autocomplete
* Added CTRL+F shortcut to quickly activate search
* Added remove column confirmation
* Added faux border for when DWM shadows are not available
* Added sidebar artwork
* Added “compact sidebar” functionality
* Added button to indicate custom column sizing
* Added CTRL+TAB shortcut to switch between accounts
* Added left/right arrow shortcut to navigate columns
* Added add to filter shortcut by right clicking on hashtags and usernames
* Added double-click column heading shortcut to scroll to top and mark tweets as read
* Added “duplicate tweet “error message
* Added ability to mention user from profile options
* Added inline errors to application and columns
* Added error prompt about Windows 8 compatibility
* Changed media preview to NoEmbed (work in progress, stylings incomplete)
* Changed code signing certificate to Comodo (Will prompt install)
* Changed “What’s happening” text to include account name
* Changed settings default to not show “name of Twitter application”
* Changed empty tweet columns to show “No tweets” message
* Changed restart button in update screen to be at top of screen (will show on next update)
* Changed unread marker to be smaller in scrollbar and scrollbar thumb to be larger
* Changed default URL shortening to native
* Changed retweeted by tooltip to include username text
* Updated visual style of buttons in light theme
* Removed favorite button from tweet on hover
* Removed “public” column due to Twitter announcing it would discontinue it
* Fixed direct message permalink not going to useful URL
* Fixed direct messages displaying weirdly if text included &
* Fixed potential crash with notifications
* Fixed international characters when typing hashtags
* Fixed typing illegal characters in username search
* Fixed possible crash when user cache was updated while new tweet was received
* Fixed usernames, hashtags and URLs appearing broken in user profile bios
* Fixed favorite columns to support infinite scroll
* Fixed username/hashtag parsing to conform to latest Twitter guidelines
* Fixed empty search results for random corrupt results from Twitter
* Fixed changing reply tweet to direct message does not send
* Fixed large progress bars under Windows 8 Aero Lite
* Fixed dark theme autocomplete black text under Windows 8 Aero Lite
* Fixed “favourite tweet” in context menu (for our bureaucratic American buddies)
* Fixed hashtags and usernames not displaying properly in some search column tweets
* Fixed blank search columns do not get refreshed
* Fixed rare cache issue causing 100% CPU load at startup
* Fixed retweets not showing usernames/full name as per display setting
* Fixed potential crash caused by AddInProcess
* Fixed crash when horizontal scrolling with Logitech or Apple mouse drivers
* Changed MetroTwit server API calls to HTTPS for enhanced privacy
* Fixed changing themes sometimes wouldn’t show dialog
* Fixed adding image to tweet ensure URL has prepend space
* Fixed notification crash if set to monitor which has been disconnected
* Fixed closing window when maximized overriding the restored window size
* Fixed minimize and restore resizing bug
* Fixed MetroTwit not displaying on same-resolution secondary displays if no longer connected
* Fixed window maximizing issue with multi-monitors
* Fixed streaming error text
* Tweaked calendar blackout to use cursor instead of cross
* Fixed links not opening in browser for notifications of search columns
* Removed popup column animation to improve performance
* Fixed twitlonger showing up when character count was less than 140 using native shortening
* Fixed direct messages not showing both username/full name
* Fixed rare Aero Snap issues

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