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Miro Beta

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Miro Beta  غير المفتاح

New features in Public Preview 1 (0.9.8)

* Keyboard shortcuts on all platforms. This should allow remote controls to be configured to control Miro.
* Improved system tray functionality on Windows, including a context menu.
* Added a new report a bug menu item.
* Adds as a search engine.

Bug fixes

* Fixed behavior when maximizing on Windows (wont cover up the taskbar).
* Smarter importing and folder watching to avoid adding audio files.
* Removed Yahoo as a search engine, since most results did not link to enclosures.
* Fixed a memory leak.
* Fixed several unicode errors.
* Fixed miscounting of new and unwatched items in folders.
* Minor UI fixes, including name changes to sidebar items and new Miro Guide logo.
* Many other small fixes.

All in all, this is the most stable and polished version yet.

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