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Mozilla Thunderbird 0.8

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  • Global Inbox: POP3 users can now combine all of their POP3 accounts into a single global inbox under local folders.
  • Comprehensive Data Migration: Switching to Thunderbird has never been easier since Thunderbird can now migrate all of your e-mail data including settings, mail folders and address book data from common mail applications such as the Mozilla 1.x Suite, Outlook Express, Outlook and Eudora.
  • RSS Integration: Thunderbird now features a built in RSS reader which allows you to easily subscribe to and read news and weblogs that support RSS.
  • Improved Privacy Controls: In order to help protect your privacy, Thunderbird now automatically blocks remote image requests in e-mails from senders you don't know.
  • Improved Quick Search: Thunderbird now makes it even easier to manage your e-mail. Quick search now supports many different types of search criteria including the ability to search message body text. Thunderbird can also highlight the quick search terms in the message body.
  • Other New Features: Support for using a master password to encrypt saved e-mail account passwords.
  • If your network uses proxy authentication for HTTP, Thunderbird now correctly prompts for proxy authentication instead of silently failing.
  • Bug fixes too numerous to mention!

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