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MSN Messenger 7.0

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MSN Messenger 7.0  غير المفتاح

Miscellaneous minor updates

  • Change the color of your Conversation windowChoose a color for your Conversation window to match your background, your desktop color scheme, even your mood! Select a color to use all the time, or choose a different color for each conversation. Go frameless! Hide the window frame for a more streamlined look.
  • Launch into fun with Launch SiteLaunch Site offers exciting interactive features that you can share with family and friends. Play games together, share photos, and exchange files with ease. You can even use Launch Site to transfer documents that are too large to send in e-mail. And Launch Site gets updated whenever new games and activities become available.
  • Send and receive live-action webcamPoint your webcam at yourself, the kids, the dog...let your friends and family enjoy the real you. Haven't seen your brother's new baby or your friend's latest haircut? Ask them to send their webcam to you.
  • Create your own emoticonsLet everyone know how you feel. Create your own emoticons using any image you want.
  • Change your display pictureLet just the right picture or photo represent the real you. Use your own pictures or click here to see pictures you can download from the Web. Change your picture anytime you want
  • Share BackgroundsSelect a cool background theme and share it with your contacts. Create backgrounds from your own images or click here to see backgrounds you can download from the Web.
  • Save your conversationsWith MSN Messenger you can now save all your conversations automatically -- with just one click! So you'll never lose those important ideas, funny exchanges, and heartfelt thoughts. This feature requires Internet Explorer. Get it here.
  • Instant message with new emoticonsExpress how you feel with new, animated emoticons. To add a personal touch, create your own emoticons using your favorite images.

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