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MySQL Community Server 5.1.34

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MySQL Community Server 5.1.34  غير المفتاح

* Replication: Important Note: Binary logging with --binlog_format=ROW failed when a change to be logged included more than 251 columns. This issue was not known to occur with mixed-format or statement-based logging. (Bug#42977)

See also Bug#42914.

* Replication: Assigning an invalid directory for the --slave-load-tmpdir caused the replication slave to crash. (Bug#42861)

* Replication: The mysql.procs_priv system table was not replicated. (Bug#42217)

* Replication: An INSERT DELAYED into a TIMESTAMP column issued concurrently with a an insert on the same column not using DELAYED, but applied after the other insert, was logged using the same timestamp as generated by the other (non-DELAYED) insert. (Bug#41719)

* Replication: The MIXED binary logging format did not switch to row-based mode for statements containing the LOAD_FILE() function. (Bug#39701)

* Replication: When the server SQL mode included IGNORE_SPACE, statement-based replication of LOAD DATA INFILE ... INTO tbl_name failed because the statement was read incorrectly from the binary log; a trailing space was omitted, causing the statement to fail with a syntax error when run on the slave. (Bug#22504)

See also Bug#43746.

* An attempt by a user who did not have the SUPER privilege to kill a system thread could cause a server crash. (Bug#43748)

* On Windows, incorrectly specified link dependencies in CMakeLists.txt resulted in link errors for mysql_embedded, mysqltest_embedded, and mysql_client_test_embedded. (Bug#43715)

* mysql crashed if a request for the current database name returned an empty result, such as after the client has executed a preceding SET sql_select_limit=0 statement. (Bug#43254)

* If the value of the version_comment system variable was too long, the mysql client displayed a truncated startup message. (Bug#43153)

* Queries of the following form returned an empty result:

SELECT ... WHERE ... (col=col AND col=col) OR ... (false expression)


* The strings/CHARSET_INFO.txt file was not included in source distributions. (Bug#42937)

* A dangling pointer in mysys/my_error.c could lead to client crashes. (Bug#42675)

* Passing an unknown time zone specification to CONVERT_TZ() resulted in a memory leak. (Bug#42502)

* With more than two arguments, LEAST(), GREATEST(), and CASE could unnecessarily return Illegal mix of collations errors. (Bug#41627)

* The mysql client could misinterpret its input if a line was longer than an internal buffer. (Bug#41486)

* In the help command output displayed by mysql, the description for the \c (clear) command was misleading. (Bug#41268)

* The load_defaults(), my_search_option_files() and my_print_default_files() functions in the C client library were subject to a race condition in multi-threaded operation. (Bug#40552)

* If --basedir was specified, mysqld_safe did not use it when attempting to locate my_print_defaults. (Bug#39326)

* When MySQL was configured with the --with-max-indexes=128 option, mysqld crashed. (Bug#36751)

* Setting the join_buffer_size variable to its minimum value produced spurious warnings. (Bug#36446)

* The use of NAME_CONST() can result in a problem for CREATE TABLE ... SELECT statements when the source column expressions refer to local variables. Converting these references to NAME_CONST() expressions can result in column names that are different on the master and slave servers, or names that are too long to be legal column identifiers. A workaround is to supply aliases for columns that refer to local variables.

Now a warning is issued in such cases that indicate possible problems. (Bug#35383)

* An attempt to check or repair an ARCHIVE table that had been subjected to a server crash returned a 144 internal error. The data appeared to be irrecoverable. (Bug#32880)

* The Time column for SHOW PROCESSLIST output and the value of the TIME column of the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.PROCESSLIST table now can have negative values. Previously, the column was unsigned and negative values were displayed incorrectly as large positive values. Negative values can occur if a thread alters the time into the future with SET TIMESTAMP = value or the thread is executing on a slave and processing events from a master that has its clock set ahead of the slave. (Bug#22047)

* Restoring a mysqldump dump file containing FEDERATED tables failed because the file contained the data for the table. Now only the table definition is dumped (because the data is located elsewhere). (Bug#21360)

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