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phpBB 3.0.7

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phpBB 3.0.7  غير المفتاح

Minor feature additions to phpBB 3.0.7

  • You can now see private forums in your ATOM feeds using HTTP authentication by passing the GET parameter "auth=http".
  • The INTTEXT token was added to custom BBCodes to allow for non-ASCII letters in html attributes.
  • You can now enable quick reply in all forums with a single click.

Small functionality changes in phpBB 3.0.7

  • Warn users about potentially dangerous BBcodes.
  • Forum feed no longer includes posts of subforums.
  • Speed up topic move operation by adding an index for topic_id on the topics track table. (Bug #56545)
  • Move redirect into a hidden field to avoid issues with mod_security. (Bug #54145)
  • Log user activations through inactive users ACP. (Bug #30145)
  • Alter ACP user quick tools interface to reduce confusion with the delete operation.
  • Show a proper preview for the Q&A CAPTCHA. (Bug #56365)
  • Send time of last item instead of current time in ATOM Feeds. (Bug #53305)
  • Split "All topics" feed into "New Topics" and "Active Topics" feeds.
  • It is no longer possible to persist a solution for the login CAPTCHA.
  • Friends and foes will not show up as private message rule options if their respective UCP modules are disabled. (Bug #51155)
  • Offer for guests to log in for egosearch and unreadposts search before the search permissions check. (Bug #51585)

A list of important bugfixes since phpBB 3.0.6

  • Allow ban reason and length to be selected and copied in ACP and subsilver2 MCP. (Bug #51095)
  • Correctly set last modified headers. (Bug #54245, thanks Paul.J.Murphy)
  • Make word censoring case insensitive. (Bug #54265)
  • Fulltext-MySQL search for keywords and username at the same time. (Bug #54325)
  • Various XHTML and CSS mistakes in prosilver and subsilver2. (Bugs #54705, #55895, #57505, #57875 - Patch by HardStyle)
  • Cleanly handle forum/topic not found in ATOM Feeds. (Bug #54295)
  • PHP 5.3 compatibility: Check if function dl() exists before calling it. (Bug #54665)
  • PHP 5.3 compatibility: Disable E_DEPRECATED on startup to keep set_magic_quotes_runtime(0) quiet. (Bug #54495)
  • Correctly replace table prefix before inserting schema data into the database. (Bug #54815)
  • Use memcache::replace() instead of memcache::set() for existing keys to prevent problems.
  • Check for required functions in eAccelerator. (Bug #54465)
  • Use correct RFC 3339 date format in ATOM feed. (Bug #55005)
  • Do not deliver topics from unreadable or passworded forums in the news feed. (Bug #54345)
  • Restore user language choice to compiled stylesheets. (Bug #54035)
  • Do not permit unauthorised users to delete private messages from folder listing. (Bug #54355)
  • Handle export of private messages where all recipients were deleted. (Bug #50985)
  • Add ability to disable overall (aka board-wide) feed.
  • Do not pass new_link parameter when creating a persistent connection with mysql. (Bug #55785)
  • Improved search query performance through sorting words by their occurance. (Bug #21555)
  • Strictly check whether a moderator can post in the destination forum when moving topic. (Bug #56255)
  • Do not unsubscribe users from topics replying with quickreply. (Bug #56235)
  • Don't submit when pressing enter on preview button. (Bug #54395)
  • Load reCAPTCHA over https when using a secure connection to the board. (Bug #55755)
  • Don't send activation email when user tries to change email without permission. (Bug #56335 - Fix by nrohler)
  • Correctly orientate quoted text image on RTL languages. (Bug #33745)
  • Fall back to default language email template if specified file does not exist. (Bug #35595)
  • Database updater now separates ADD COLUMN from SET NOT NULL and SET DEFAULT, when using PostgreSQL <= 7.4 (Bug #54435)
  • Styles adjustment to correctly display an order of rtl/ltr mixed content. (Bugs #55485, #55545)
  • Do not store email templates in database. (Bug #54505)
  • Fix problems with firebird by no longer using 'count' as a column alias. (Bug #57455)
  • Make user_email_hash() function independent from system's architecture. (Bug #57755)
  • Global announcements could not be accessed on a board using Firebird as the database server. (Bug #57525)
  • Do not delete unrelated attachments when deleting empty forums. (Bug #57375)
  • Update process: Store expected resulting file contents in cache and do not suggest further merges if the contents match, also fixes infinite merge loop (Bug #54075)

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