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PhpMyAdmin 3.2.5

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PhpMyAdmin 3.2.5  غير المفتاح

  • Patch #2903400 [bookmarks] Status of bookmark table,  thanks to Virsacer - virsacer
  • Bug [history] queryhistorydb is not respected
  • Bug #2905629 [auth] Blowfish secret is not hashed
  • Bug #2910000 [gui] showserverinfo should hide all server info from main page
  • Bug #2910568 [structure] Table size for ARCHIVE tables is not displayed
  • Patch #2899969 [core] Session lock blocks working from a second window, thanks to Greg Roach - fisharebest
  • Patch #2915168 [import] Incorrect parsing of DELIMITER keyword, thanks to Greg Roach - fisharebest
  • Patch #2918831 [export] Missing backquotes on reserved words,  thanks to Virsacer - virsacer
  • [core] Fix broken cleanup of $_GET
  • Bug #2924357 [operations] Cannot rename a database that has foreign key constraints
  • Bug #869006 [structure] Ignore number of records for MRG_myisam tables
  • Bug [browse] "Show BLOB contents" should display HTML code that is present in a BLOB, thanks to Vincent van der Tuin
  • [privileges] Improve escaping of hostname

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