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RocketDock 1.3

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RocketDock 1.3  غير المفتاح

Changes since 1.2.5
- Added "Minimize windows to Dock" (with realtime previews under Vista with Desktop Composition enabled)
- Added ability to store all settings in "Settings.ini" (for portability)
- Added Icon Activation FX options
- Added Hover Effect option
- Added Icon Opacity option
- Added Zoom Opaque option (Fades Icon Opacity to 100% when zooming)
- Added Zoom "Plateau" mode (like "Bubble" only flat at the peak)
- Added the ability to set a negative Edget Offset (down to -15px)
- Added Popup on Mouseover Delay option
- Added Behavior Settings area
- Added ability to have multiple custom icon folders
- Added ability to browse executable files as "folders" for icon resources
- Added support for Vista icon resources
- Improved Icon Transitions
- Added "Running Task Indicators"
- Added "Open Existing Application Instance"
- Added a simple Clock Docklet
- Changed Recycle Bin Icons to have 2 states
- Added a hot key to toggle RocketDock visibility (CTRL+ALT+R)
- Fixed multi-monitor issue with RD forgetting your setting when connecting/disconnecting monitors (or using Remote Desktop).
- Fixed Icons adding to the end of the dock.
- Fixed many window layering issues (Icons and Labels)
- Fixed Vista UAC awareness issue
- Icons now maintain image size ratio
- Improved icon resource support
- Fixed Thread/Handle leak
- Fixed Icon Settings crashing in the System32 directory
- Fixed icons being reloaded when canceling the Dock Settings window
- Lock Icons now prevents you from dragging in new icons, but allows you to drag onto other icons.
- Fixed Docklets forgetting their icon image
- Fixed special shortcuts loading incorrectly (My Computer, iTunes, Office)
- Fixed Icon / Separator shifting glitch affecting "pixel-perfect" skins
- Changed Separator spacing to 1/2 that of a normal icon.
- Fixed random Icons not sliding (usually after pressing cancel in the Dock Settings window)
- Fixed AutoHide working while in Settings windows.
- Fixed crashing when right-clicking on the context menu. Right clicking is now functional as well.
- Fixed relative paths not executing properly.
- Ported hooks to C++ and merged into a single dll (RocketDock.dll)
- Added German and French documentation
- Optimized bubble algo and label rendering...
- Minor bug fixes that I can't remember :)

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