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SeaMonkey 1.1

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SeaMonkey 1.1  غير المفتاح

  • General
  • # ChatZilla has been updated to a newer version (Bug 324439)
  • # [Mac] Menus and menu popups use more native styling (Bug 301105)
  • # [Linux] When launching SeaMonkey, already-running instances are detected (Bug 122698)
  • Browser
  • # Spelling is checked when writing in textareas (Bug 302050 and bug 338318)
  • # A warning page is now shown before displaying about:config (Bug 339720)
  • # Tooltips from web pages can now be multiple lines, either due to automatic text wrapping or explicit newlines added to the text value (Bug 356900)
  • # When you visit a secure site, the URL bar changes color to turns make security status more visible (Bug 335113)
  • # When using keyword URLs, it is no longer necessary to type "keyword:" (typing "keyword:" will no longer work). Just type the keyword name (Bug 337339)
  • # You can now drop URLs and bookmarks between existing tabs, which will result in a new tab being created where you dropped the URL (Bug 324591)
  • # When hovering on a tab, the tooltip now displays a preview of the tab's contents (Bug 315207)
  • # The search sidebar now behaves better (Bug 252802)
  • # The bookmarks menu and personal toolbar folder overflow menu now have context menus (Bug 50504)
  • # Except on the Mac, the access keys that websites such as Wikipedia use now require you to press Alt+Shift (Ctrl+Shift on BeOS) to avoid conflicting with the menu bar (Bug 340902)
  • Mail & Newsgroups
  • # Message labelling has been superceded by tagging, which provides much more than the original 5 labels and comes with new preferences (Bug 342560 and others)
  • # The preferences for junk mail have been reorganized, and can now be set on a per-account basis (Bug 335846)
  • # New POP3 accounts no longer use the Global Inbox, unless you request it during account setup (Bug 329018)
  • # Improved phishing detection (Bug 326082 and others)
  • # [Linux, Mac] New mail notification has been improved (Bug 327613, 305384, and others)
  • Address Book
  • It is now possible to move or copy cards between address books. Cards can only be copied to mailing lists, so you need to use ctrl key while dragging to copy the card to the mailing list. When dragging cards between address books, the default action is move, use ctrl to copy instead. (Bug 35837)
  • New Issues
  • General
  • # [Windows] If you used the installer, automatic detection of character sets is missing from the character encoding menu. This is due to a missing DLL (universalchardet.dll) and will be fixed in SeaMonkey 1.1.1 (Bug 368264).
  • # [Windows] Sending documents as an e-mail attachment from within Excel or Word (applications which use MAPI) may not work. Workaround: in a command prompt, go to the SeaMonkey installation directory and run "regsvr32 MapiProxy.dll" (Bug 361233).
  • # Notification of new mail may fail when some messages are spam. This is believed to only affect Windows 95, and not newer versions. (Bug 365180).
  • # After installing a new dictionary, you may need to move it from the components/myspell directory to the dictionaries directory. This should not be needed for dictionaries from Mozilla Addons, which work out-of-the-box with SeaMonkey 1.1
  • # Attempting to compose, forward, or reply to a message may result in a non-functional compose window. To work around it, open a new compose window, close the new window, and then close non-functional one. If you try again, it will work. (Bug 307672 - this bug was present in SeaMonkey 1.0.x as well)

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