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UltraVNC 1.0.5

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UltraVNC 1.0.5  غير المفتاح

** v1.0.5 Release
(v1.0.4 was never released. We switched directly to v1.0.5)

* Update 23 aug

- Driver+applications that change resolution (like pinpall in fullscreen)
- vnclog : In some cases the standard path wasn't writable, now path can be set

* Update 13 aug

- FT crash when clipboard is used during transfer fix
- Admin properties and domain user fix
- Inputlock input fix

* Update 3 aug

- Exceptions thrown with no message cause access violations when Report called.
- All message boxes are now properly parented to the viewer window so that they
are modal.
- Socket timeouts are now used during file transfer so that connections lost
while connected to a repeater are detected
- A small keepalive message is sent every 5 seconds after receiving a file chunk
to keep the server or viewer from timing out during a read.
- The prompt for exit is now respects the m_fExitCheck setting if the 'x' in the
full screen titlebar is clicked
- Another big change to the file transfer module is that a temporary file is used
to hold the file being transferred. When it is successfully completes, it is
moved to the original file name -- resume still works too. This was because
when a file transfer is interrupted, a user (ie, service tech) can't tell
if the file is complete.
- The close button on the file transfer dialog is now enabled and disabled during
file transfers. You can't close the window with the 'x' during a transfer,
but you can otherwise
- Many variables are now properly initialized.
- The black layered window is now brought to the top every 20ms -- the start menu
is still visible on the remote system so this change makes it go away faster.
- You can now register the service with a custom name.
- Simplified Copy_to_temp and copy_to_secure_from_temp
- When the network connection is lost, a message is shown "Connection lost due to
communication failure" instead of "writeexact: socket error while writing"
- socket read/write errors now break the while (connected) loop in vncclient.cpp
- Simplified file handle cleanup
- FT crash fix, lock screeen while transfer
- quickoption fix: Was not saved correct

* Update 10July

- Repeater: found bug that required server to be connected first.
Now you can connect server or viewer first
- Viewer: option are now correct loaded.
The problem was the the presets didn't have "manual set", this cause the presets
always to be loaded on top of manual settings.
- Server now take as commandline
- Autoreconnect -id:???
- Single repeater connection server had a possible error ( reconnect couldn't
happen if shutdown by service is requested)

* Update 26 june 2008

- View Only, comment text: Alt+Ctrl+F3
- Ctrl+Shift+Esc open Task Manager on winvnc application and service
- Ctrl+Alt+F4 send Ctrl+Shift+Esc if winvnc run as application
- Dead keys \' ^`"´ and € + winkey shortcuts (Windows Logo Key)
- Scroll Lock ON, winkey + shortcuts sent to remote
- Scroll Lock OFF, winkey + shortcuts are local (default)
- 8bit (switching codec+colors) vncviewer crash, fixed.
- Auto scaling remote screen improved to fit to local screen
- winvnc with mirror driver 1.22 active only when viewer connected, fixed
- ExitCheck (default=false vncviewer config file)(pgmoney)

* Update 16 june 2008
- vncviewer, View Only (check box) and title bar
- vncviewer, command line encoding, added zrle and zywrle
- vncviewer auto scaling big screen of remote server to small video screen
local viewer.
- vista, uvnc_service already installed as service (winvnc)
- Start service (need to be previously installed) (Jeff for w2k fix)

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