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VirtualDub 1.4.8

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VirtualDub 1.4.8  غير المفتاح

[features added]
  • Motion JPEG decoder has improved heuristics for field order determination, support for restart markers, and supports 4:4:4 as well as 4:2:0 and standard 4:2:2.
  • An error is now thrown if a third-party driver leaves the CPU in MMX state when returning, which previously could cause floating-point code to malfunction.
  • Added workaround for ASUS ASV1 driver crashing under Windows NT platforms.
  • MPEG-1 files with small amounts of junk at the beginning are now recognized.
  • BMP image sequences can now be loaded as well as saved.
  • Frame rate changes are reflected in the timestamp panel.
  • Hex Editor no longer locks files and can highlight important fields in AVI files.
  • Capture: Luma squish now supports UYVY in addition to YUY2.
  • AVI handler can now recover OpenDML segments from truncated files and has more aggressive recovery methods.
  • AVI handler recognizes \'bt20\' as a format that does not have delta frames.
  • Added workaround for audio sync problems caused by malformed AVI files with VBR MP3 audio.
  • Support for masking video frames and for autoscanning the video stream for bad frames to mask.
[bug fixes]
  • No more crashing when attempting to do certain kinds of seeks with no video loaded.
  • Capture: Noise reduction works properly with cropping.
  • Fixed MPEG-1 frame order bug in frameserver that was also introduced in 1.4.6.
  • Fixed MPEG-to-AVI conversion resulting in trashed wPriority and wLanguage fields in the stream header.
  • Capture: Under Windows 98/2000, monitor and system power down are inhibited in capture mode.
  • Fixed scripts and job entries being trashed when the generated script exceeds 16K.
  • Fixed codec issues caused by script system not handling long strings produced from codec data. Thanks to the DivX 4 team for reporting this one.
  • IVTC no longer causes bitrates for CBR video codecs to drop by 20%%.
  • Fixed output files being generated with type \'ivas\' when the source was a type-1 DV file.
  • Fixed diagonal stripe or crash with MMX version of Levels filter when input bitmap is an odd width.
  • Fixed AVI streaming routines going off the deep end when encountering garbage data in the AVI stream.
  • Fixed occasional corrupted frames when playing back AVI with \"drop frames when behind\" enabled.
  • IVTC now forces interleaving on a 4-frame basis like it\'s supposed to.
  • The audio compression dialog was passing bad precision values to audio codecs and only querying for real-time compression.
  • Corrected crashes or errors on uncompressed video streams that have a zero or incorrect biSizeImage field.
  • Capture: Multisegment and info panel settings saved correctly.
  • Capture: Compatibility mode capture prohibited when multisegment capture enabled.

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