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VLC Media Player 0.7.0

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VLC Media Player 0.7.0  غير المفتاح

  • Core support:
  • Brand new decoder/packetizer api. Adds a lot more flexibility while also simplifying the decoder plugins.
  • New encoder api (Ffmpeg, Vorbis, Theora, Flac and Speex encoders available).
  • Video outputs are recycled if possible. This removes any 'flicker' between two similiar video files.
  • Fixed the video filters. Video should no longer go black when using filters.
  • New input core. Advantages are: better seeking, more responsive, support for subtitle files at the core, and much much more.
  • Playlist:
  • Added a repeat mode to repeat a single file over and over.
  • Playlist sorting
  • Input:
  • RTP/RTSP support.
  • Fixed annoying seeking problem with Ogg files (seeking would take ages).
  • Support for Flac in Ogg files.
  • MPEG TS demuxer also handles A52 and AAC audio in DVB streams.
  • Rewrite of the Flac demuxer.
  • cddax and vcdx plugins using libcdio, libvcd and libvcdinfo. (Linux only)
  • Reworked DVB tuning.
  • Better Icecast support.
  • New MPEG video elementary streams demuxer.
  • New DTS audio elementary streams demuxer.
  • Codecs:
  • Support for Theora video encoding.
  • Support for Speex audio decoding/encoding.
  • Rewrite of the Flac decoder + encoding support.
  • Support for MPEG2 422 decoding which was recently added to libmpeg2 (cvs).
  • Support for AAC + SBR and proper multi-channel re-ordering.
  • MPEG 2.5 audio support.
  • Removed deprecated decoders (a52_old, mpeg_video and mpeg_audio).
  • Stream output:
  • Improvements to the MPEG TS muxer.
  • New transrating module for MPEG2 video.
  • Added packetization for MPEG AAC ADTS streams.
  • Added packetizers for Flac, Speex, Theora, LPCM, DTS and SPU streams.
  • Improved mp4 muxing and added AAC/MP4V support when transcoding.
  • Improved Ogg muxing and added Theora, Speex, Flac and subtitles support.
  • MPEG TS muxer follows the ATSC/DVB specs for embedded A52 audio.
  • -sout-keep option to keep the stream open while changing input.
  • Preliminary RTP support.
  • Fixes to SAP announces.
  • Interface:
  • Skins:
  • Bugfixes
  • misc improvements (eg, "stay on top" option).
  • New standardized and customizable hotkeys.
  • wxWindows
  • Playlist improvements (Sort, Search, mode buttons).
  • Improvements and help in preferences
  • New streaming wizard
  • Revised Disc Open menu
  • HTTP
  • Improvements of the standard pages
  • Support for new commands
  • OSD ( OS X and hotkeys only atm ).
  • Service discovery:
  • Many fixes to the SAP module
  • SAP now supports HTTP streams
  • Subtitles:
  • Text subtitles now have a black outline.
  • Text subtitles autodetection.
  • Text subtitles charset autodetection.
  • Text subtitles for all videofiles. Results may vary.
  • Text subtitles in Hebrew are supported. Arabic partially.
  • Automatic fontsize selection for text subtitles.
  • Fixed SAMI text subtitles support.
  • Support for subtitles in Matroska files.
  • Support for subtitles in DVB streams.
  • Mac OS X port:
  • New controller designed by Max Rudberg from www.maxthemes.com
  • Save playlist.
  • Works on 10.1.x again. Apologies for that problem.
  • Support for Panther.
  • Support for raw dumping of streams to disk.
  • Mozilla plugin for Mac OS X (experimental).
  • Win32 port:
  • New DirectShow input module (for video acquisition cards, webcams, PVRs...).
  • VLC can be installed as a Windows NT service.
  • Allow on the fly switching of the main interface.
  • Support for 3F2R in audio output.
  • New --one-instance option to "force" only one running instance of VLC.
  • Mozilla plugin for Windows (experimental)
  • Multimonitor support (untested)
  • Fixed nasty timing bug on some dual-cpu / P4 with hyperthreading systems.
  • Linux port:
  • Improved Video4Linux input. Also added support for an audio only input
  • Support for real-time priority when running with root privileges.
  • Allow on the fly switching of the main interface.
  • iPaq port:
  • Brand new Gtk 2 interface
  • Miscellaneous:
  • Audio visual effects filters (spectrum, scope and random).
  • Audio visual effects filter using goom.
  • Spanish, Portuguese Brazilian and Hungarian translations.
  • libcaca video output (colored ascii)

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