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Winamp 1.91

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Winamp 1.91  غير المفتاح

  • Added new remove options to playlist editor
  • Added /new switch, opens up a new winamp, always
  • None option for taskbar/tray display setting
  • Optimized prefs/plugins -- dsp plugins now must be named dsp_*.dll.
  • Made playlist editor keep track of playlist file (again)
  • Added SkinDir= and PluginDir= options for winamp.ini (add them manually in [Winamp] in Winamp.ini to change)
  • Fixed up some delete playlist-then-hit-stop bugs
  • Fixed input-change bug in vis plugins
  • Added skin enhancement: region.txt region specifier
  • Added skin enhancement: balance.bmp is like volume.bmp but for balance/panning bar
  • Added skin enhancement: nums_ex.bmp allows for - sign definition :)
  • Added 'playlist types' to open dialog
  • Made snap to viewport snap on move in stead of on drop
  • Added plug-in config hotkey/menu item
  • Made vis_fs.dll default visualization
  • Changed file type to 'winamp media file' from 'mpeg file'..
  • Added demo.mp3, and auto-play on first run
  • Fixed 2 digit bitrate/mixrate bug
  • Fixed IPC_JUMPTOTIME bug (works now)
  • Improved http m3u reading (error detection, yay)
  • Made doublesize mode not so screwupy in win95
  • Optimized title/length reading code
  • Auto-idle when not playing
  • Revised plug-in spec
  • Added 'default extension' option
  • MP3 decoder: new time calculation code (all integer)
  • MP3 decoder: added options for different extensions (and additional extensions)
  • MP3 decoder: added MMS streaming option
  • MP3 decoder: optimized size-changing checking code (for indirect streaming)
  • MP3 decoder: mixed-bitrate MP3s now display average bitrate
  • MP3 decoder: more genres
  • MP3 decoder: high genre bug fixed
  • MP3 decoder: improved http and mms streaming (with error detection n stuff)
  • MP3 decoder: fixed priority setting bug
  • MP3 decoder: added error messages for id3 editor box
  • MP3 decoder: new output system (optimized)
  • MOD decoder: fixed priority setting bug
  • MOD decoder: added better 8 bit support
  • MOD decoder: new 'if title is empty' logic..
  • MOD decoder: added support for windowshade vu
  • MOD decoder: added .669 support
  • MOD decoder: new output system (optimized)
  • MOD decoder: added waveform dsp plugin support
  • WAV decoder: .VOC support. Only mono, 8 bit files are supported.
  • WAV decoder: .VOC support supports silence blocks and changing samplerates (all upsampled to 44.1kHz)
  • WAV decoder: .WAV support. Uses ACM so you can play any .WAV file.
  • Linein/cdda decoder: support for linein:// and .CDA cd tracks.

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