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X-Chat 2.6.3

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X-Chat 2.6.3  غير المفتاح

  • Updated translations (de, fr, sv).
  • XChat is now fully Unicode enabled when running on Windows 2000/XP, which allows you to use file and folder names with non-ASCII characters, even when those characters don\'t exist in your current regional setting\'s language. Specifically, this works in:
    • DCC files and receive folder name.
    • The DCC completed folder (the MoveFile routine is unicode enabled).
    • \"Application Data\\username\\X-Chat 2\\\" folder name.
    • Command line parameter parsing.
    • Plugin file and folder names.
    • Sending a URL to web browser.
    More information about this feature is at:
  • Added experimental commands: /GUI TILE and /GUI UNTILE.
  • Shrunk minigtk.dll by ~16 KB.
  • Fixed display of realname in the nick-name right-click menu when it contains a \'&\' character [1403069].
  • Added support for UniBG\'s nickserv.
  • Show help when using wrong args for /DCC, instead of silence.
  • Support receiving 2048 bytes per line from server and dcc-chat, so we can support 512 UTF-8 characters that some servers now send.
  • Fixed a conflict with UltraEdit that could lead to crashes if you had upgraded UltraEdit from version 11 to 12.

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