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XBMC Media Center 9.11 Beta 2

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XBMC Media Center 9.11 Beta 2  غير المفتاح

* Support for Microsoft DirectX for Windows platforms
* Support for PPC (PowerPC) processors in XBMC for Linux (OpenGL support required)
* High Definition, Surround Sound, and Subtitle Flagging and Filtering in Video Library
* Support for movie sets and a sortorder tag in the Video Library
* Smart Playlists support for video resolution, aspect-ratio, codec, audio, and subtitles
* Skinnable Weather Plugin API enabling third-party Weather Plugins (Python Scripts)
* Added support for SingStar and UltraStar Karaoke Lyrics Format
* Logitech Harmony Universal Remote support in XBMC for Mac
* UPnP MediaServer compliant with DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) standards
* Ability to view pictures over UPnP in XBMC, also loads of fixes to the UPnP library
* Avahi Zeroconf (Zero Configuration Networking) for XBMC webserver on Linux
* Performance improvements to SQLite (database) queries (help is always wanted here)
* Updated FFmpeg (libavformat and libavcodec) audio/video codec and demux library
* Speed up RAW image loading and handle more file extensions
* Implemented better WAV/PCM handling on 64-bit operating-systems
* Added support for additional tags in CUE sheets (Genre/Year)
* Added support for MPL2 (Blu-ray) subtitles format
* Added support for VPlayer subtitles format (which unfortunately is still in use)
* Added support for RTMP (Flash) live video streams, plus skip, pause, and resume feature
* Added proper MMS/MMSH streaming client (libmms) support to non-Xbox platforms
* Added audio and subtitle delay pop-up to the GUI (similar to volume control)
* Added scan for new content command to HTTP API, extended XBMC.updatelibrary call
* Better support for HTS (Home Theater System) TVheadend as TV streaming backend
* Support importing MythTV movies into the Movies Library (including scraping)
* Reorganized MythTV directory structure to separate TV Shows from Movies
* Improved Commercial Skipping, EDL (Edit Decision List), and SceneMarker support
* Added support local actor thumbnails (store as actor_name.tbn under .actors directory)
* Scrape studio info for TV Show/Season/Episode, info is available via studio field item
* Changed handling in Scrapers and NFO replacing <thumbs> with multiple <thumb>
* Additional and improved music and movie scrapers:
- ( TMDB) movie scraper improvements and enhancements
- Added Movie Trailer scraping from to scraper
- TV Shows scraper scraper improvements and enhancements
- MTV (Music Videos) scraper improvements and enhancements
- New freebase music scraper (with Artist FanArt support via
- New Polish music scraper combining,, and
- New (Multilanguage) movie scraper (*commercial)
- New (Polish) movie scraper
- New (German) German movie scraper (using the ofdbgw gateway)
- New (German) movie scraper
- New (Swedish) movie scraper
- New (Russian) movie scraper
- Updated (Chinese) movie scraper
- New cine-passion (French/English) movie scraper
- Fixes and additions for the mymovies.xml scraper
* Ability to scrape and scan TV Shows into the video library by air-date via
* Smooth Video Support Option (syncing the video to the refresh rate of the display)
* Added overlay renderer for dvd/vobsub/xsub using OpenGL to blend overlay onto screen
* Edit button for RSS feeds in settings, (needs RssTicker script installed)
* New screensaver option to turn off the screen (using VESA DPMS)
* GUI settings for action to take when the hardware power button is pressed in Linux
* Added support for CoreAudio API and removed the PortAudio API code in XBMC for Mac
* AC3 and DTS digital audio pass-through to SP/DIF on Apple TV (thanks to CoreAudio)
* Always On Top option to advancedsettings.xml when XBMC runs in Windowed Mode
* Improved XBMC GUI Skinning Framework making it even more flexible and powerful
* New "portable" mode option for fixed disks supported by XBMC Live install to HDD
* First custom Usplash theme (graphical boot splash screen) added to XBMC Live
* Extension of ExternalPlayer enabling multiple external players based on file-extension
* External libraries options when compile XBMC for Linux making it more distro agnostic
* Allow compiling XBMC for Linux with "--enable-external-libraries" to use system libraries
* Added support for Debian building and packaging to the XBMC SVN
* Added Crash Dump for Windows (we need both the pdb and dmp file to analyze a crash)
* Updated translations for most languages (help is always wanted with translation)
* Added library update on resume if we are coming from suspend/hibernate
* Added DeviceKit.Disks integration
* Added DeviceKit.Power and ConsoleKit.Manager integration

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