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Beyond Compare 3.1.11

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Beyond Compare 3.1.11  غير المفتاح

* Notable Changes
- Added support for 64-bit Linux distributions.
- Added Linux yum/apt repositories.
- Added "Interleaved" style for Data Compare report.
- Added support for comparing data files without a key column.

* Command Line
- Fixed opening Text Merge never to use quick compare.
- Fixed hang when passing relative filenames containing wildcards as command line arguments.

* Data Compare
- Added support for comparing files without key column.
- Improved to handle any embedded line endings within delimited cell.
- "Find", while positioned in details, now moves to cell containing match.
- Status bar now displays number of "difference row(s)" instead of "Important differences".
- Fixed "Columns" session settings to disable controls appropriately and added F2 shortcut for "Edit".
- Fixed handling of type errors (ex. "apple" shown in strikeout if column type is numeric, broken in 3.1).
- Fixed numeric display handling not to lose precision.
- Fixed crash when editing column settings.

* File Formats
- Fixed saving default file format with a name to show "General" page.
- Fixed "Perl Scripts" definition of string.

* File Views
- Fixed "Next/Previous Difference Files" to be hidden if the parent session is closed.
- Fixed "Next/Previous Difference Files" crash when files are no longer visible in parent session.

* Folder Compare
- "Compare Contents" results dialog no longer repositions when switching between tabs.
- Fixed file locking after moving files while rules-based content comparisons are enabled.
- Fixed error handling when copying or moving files with ":" in their name.
- Fixed "Remove read-only flag when copying from a CD or DVD" when copying folders.
- Fixed enabling "Move to Folder" and "Move" commands when comparing a snapshot to a live folder.
- Fixed folder coloring when different and newer colors are the same.
- Fixed disabling "New Folder" and "Set As Base Folders" when only one side is loaded.
- Fixed folders on some NAS devices showing as hidden (h) after expanding them.
- Fixed using "Ignore Folder Structure" and "Archive handle -> As folders always" together including both a zip and its contents in the folder listing.
- Fixed enabling "Load" path buttons (broken in 3.1.4).

- Fixed FTP listing parsing for wu-ftpd when it includes a full yyyy-mm-dd date and hh:mm time.
- Fixed MDTM support so it accepts vsFTPd's 213 result code in addition to 253.
- Fixed parsing MVS folder listings where the number of extents for a file is 100 or greater.

* Hex Compare
- Default text color now follows color setting.
- Fixed crash when changing the number of bytes per line while comparing small files.

* Home View
- Fixed not to truncate captions of session buttons in certain conditions.
- Fixed title font size when the system font is larger than default.
- Fixed session name label so it's centered vertically relative to the session icon.

* Linux
- Added support for 64-bit distributions.
- Added Qt3 libraries as part of install package.
- .rpm/.deb packages now register Scooter Software repository with apt/yum.
- .tar.gz package now includes
- .tar.gz package now installs to /usr instead of /usr/local by default.
- Installer will now copy BC3Key.txt if it's present.
- Context menus now handle case where KDE files are in .kde/share/kde4.
- Various improvements to
- Changed default fixed-width font to "Monospace 10".
- Fixed .deb packages reporting incorrect install size.
- Fixed session combobox dropdown height for some font sizes.
- Fixed text editor shifting characters as text is selected.

* Misc
- Added support for copying/pasting the #0 (null) character.
- Activating a visible tab no longer tries to scroll it (broken in 3.1.10).
- External program not found message now includes part of command line (conversions, open withs).
- Read-only settings files will no longer be overwritten.
- Fixed short date strings using incorrect format (m/d/y instead of d/m/y) on some Windows 7 installs.
- Fixed line parsing memory access violation.
- Fixed crash when opening "Enter Key" dialog while clipboard is locked by another application.
- Fixed context-sensitive help when the active control becomes disabled.
- Fixed "Save Workspace As" to initially disable "OK".
- Fixed handling of invalid dates in settings file.
- Fixed support for plugin views with more than one property sheet.
- Fixed displaying Unicode hints on various controls.

* Picture Compare
- Fixed hang when loading an invalid JPEG file.
- Fixed image format autodetection so it doesn't reload a file after successfully guessing the format.

* Reports
- Added Data Compare "Interleaved" layout.
- Folder Compare "Summary" report now includes file counts in each header.
- HTML reports now include <title> tag.
- Text Compare "Patch" report now uses .patch file extension.
- Replaced "Strikeout left orphans" option for Text Compare "Interleaved" report with "Strikeout left differences".
- Added "Strikeout right differences" option for Text Compare "Interleaved" report.

* Scripting
- Added INTERLEAVED layout option for DATA-REPORT.

* Text Views
- "Toggle Bookmark" and "Go to Bookmark" commands can now be customized.

* Text Compare
- Fixed crash when comparing files with lines containing more than 32,000 of the same character.
- Trying to save a malformed binary DFM now shows an error message.

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