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Beyond Compare 3.3.5

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Beyond Compare 3.3.5  غير المفتاح

* Archives
- Fixed crash when loading archives containing file paths of just '\' or '/'.
* Data Compare
- Fixed lines between grid rows being overdrawn by text rect.
* File Formats
- Fixed "Perl Scripts" handling of escape before apostrophe or quote in default text
* File Views
- Fixed codepage auto-detection defaulting to UTF-8 instead of ANSI if a better match isn't available.
* Folder Compare
- Added support for setting timestamps of symbolic links/reparse points.
- Fixed crash when using "Up One Level on Both Sides" and the current base folders are filtered out in the parent comparison.
- Fixed using "Move to Other Side" to overwrite a file in a subfolder when flattened.
- Fixed "Move to Folder" moving excluded items within selected folders.
- Fixed parsing Charon VAX 5.4.2 FTP listings.
- Fixed crash when adding '//' to the end of an FTP path in a file view.
* Hex Compare
- Fixed setting "Bytes per line" to 1.
- Fixed crash on systems using a Far East system locale. Removed buggy support for showing double byte character sets in the ANSI column.
* Linux
- Fixed crash when closing or switching away from a Text Merge when the merge output is in a separate window.
* Misc
- Fixed activating a tab from a minimized window on Vista/Windows 7.
- Fixed toolbar dropdown button width on Windows 8.
* Picture Compare
- Fixed support for DIB, MSK, and RLE bitmap file alphablending.
* Registry Compare
- Fixed key coloring after swapping sides.
* Reports
- Fixed applying changes to display filter mode in setup dialog.
* Source Control
- Comparisons launched from PVCS no longer disable editing of files with titles in order to improve compatibility with later PVCS releases.
* Text Views
- Fixed delimited grammar item handling of escape character across multiple lines.

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