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DC++ 0.163

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DC++ 0.163  غير المفتاح

  • More internationalization
  • Added public hublist filter
  • Minor UI fixes
  • Changed error messages in public hubs frame
  • Fixed some minimize to tray issues (window popping up...)
  • Reduced flicker in the bottom tabs when resizing window
  • Added simultaneous downloads limit option, as well as max download speed to start new downloads
  • Added a favorite users frame
  • Added proxy support for downloading the hub list
  • Fixed a crash when loading invalid hub lists
  • Added transfer window sorting
  • Fixed kicking the same user multiple times from search
  • Added last kick/redirect reason to the search frame as well
  • Reordered some of the right-click menus so that \"dangerous\" options are at the end
  • Worked some on the cpu bug, should a bit better now...
  • Fixed a bug where some data was unnecessarily requested from the hub, causing a little extra load (thanks dan kline)
  • Added some new menu options to the help menu
  • Added search spy window with counter
  • Added NMDC queue importing (thanks luca rota)
  • Added some simple logging, more will probably come...
  • Removed option to keep finished downloads in queue (replaced by log...and yes, the log will be improved later on...)

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