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DC++ 0.69.9

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DC++ 0.69.9  غير المفتاح

  • Switched to VC8/VS2005
  • Removed some unused options
  • Antifrag is now default
  • Confirm hub removal is now default
  • SFV checking is now default
  • Fixed TLS port not being greyed out
  • Automatic hub reconnection is only done if at least one successful connection has been made
  • [B#1080] Better nick tab completion (thanks cologic)
  • [B#1081] Added user IP in hub frame (thanks cologic)
  • No more STLport for the time being
  • Linux checks for invalid file types (thanks steven sheehy)
  • Fixed potential crash when search began with space
  • [B#1085] Better sound playing settings (thanks cologic / ullner)
  • [B#1111] OpenSSL compatibility and some unix fixes (thanks steven sheehy)
  • [B#1056] Added option to sort fav users above other users in hub frame (thanks poy)
  • [B#1063] Added option to show Shell context menu in finished frame (thanks poy)
  • [B#1092] Fixed TTH tree being redownloaded (thanks stephan hohe)
  • [B#1097] Fixed waiting users being removed (thanks stephan hohe)
  • [B#1110] Added new adc hub list (thanks mafa_45)
  • [B#1091] Added new nmdc hub lists (thanks poy)
  • [B#1112] Port sign cleanup (thanks steven sheehy)
  • [ADC] Fixed client-to-client connection sequence
  • [B#1064] Updated to YaSSL 1.5.0, should fix crash
  • [B#446] Public hub lists are cached and downloaded only when user requests it (thanks poy)
  • [B#1117] Fixed subfolders being created on filelist downloads (thanks mikael eman)
  • [B#1096] Updated credits in about box
  • [B#1123] Removed some typecasts (thanks stephan hohe)
  • [B#1099] Fixed "Readd all" spin
  • [B#1095] Fixed about dialog

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