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IrfanView 3.10

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IrfanView 3.10  غير المفتاح

  • Support: You can support IrfanView if you visit IrfanView sponsors in: Über->Unterstützen. (german version only) Many many thanks! :-)
  • Read support for PSP-4 format (Paint Shop Pro version 6, first layer)
  • New: Saving files as PBM/PGM/PPM (binary and ascii)
  • New scan option: Batch Scanning (Menu: File)
  • New plugin, allows IrfanView to play Real Audio (*.RA) files:: (The RealPlayer from must be installed)
  • New plugin is available for some rare image formats:
  • New options for multipage images (Menu: View->Multipage images)
  • New viewing option: 'Dither 24BPP images on 16BPP displays' (properties)
  • Improved 'Properties->Extensions' (please assotiate your types again!)
  • Improved resize/resample dialog (percentage of width/height)
  • New options for advanced batch conversion
  • Screensaver is now disabled during the slideshow
  • New command line option: '/closeslideshow' (see next line ...)
  • New slideshow option: Close IrfanView after the last slideshow image
  • Some PSD bugs are fixed
  • Better compatibility with Windows 2000
  • Some minor bugs/features fixed/added

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