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IrfanView 4.23

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IrfanView 4.23  غير المفتاح

  • Added History list for Random slideshow ("No file repeat" removed)
  • New multipage images menu: Create Multipage PDF
  • Option to save changes on exit (Properties>Misc 1, default: OFF)
  • TIF loading bugs fixed (Thanks to j00ru//vx)
  • New command line option: /filelist=txtfile; Examples:
       i_view32.exe /filelist=c:\mypics.txt
       i_view32.exe /filelist=c:\mypics.txt /thumbs
       i_view32.exe /filelist=c:\mypics.txt /convert=d:\*.jpg
       => use files from mypics.txt as input for different operations  New Contact Sheet options: Set custom paper size and units
  • Options to set start parameters for external editors (see Help file/button)
  •  External editor names are showed in the menu text
  • New Panorama dialog option: Add space between images
  • Browsing: if CTRL + number (09) pressed, the file index increases by number
  • New wallpaper menu: Stretched  proportional
  • New Slideshow dialog option: Remember last file index on exit
  • New option to show DDS alpha color (Properties>Misc. 1)
  • Support for WSQ format (Wavelet Scaler Quantization, PlugIn by Steven Venable)
  • New Thumbnail option: Use full file path for sorting (if subfolders loaded)
  • New thumbnails tree menu: Load subfolders
  • New hotkeys: SHIFT + arrows = Move selection rectangle
  • New hotkeys: SHIFT + N = Create new image; SHIFT + V = Add canvas;
       CTRL + SHIFT + Y = Auto crop borders; CTRL + SHIFT + J = Lossless JPG crop;
       SHIFT + O = Fit window to image; F11 = show/hide mouse in Fullscreen/Slideshow
    Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions
    Some minor bugs/features fixed/added (scrolling)
    Two small 4.22 bugs fixed: Next toolbar button, PDF saving

IrfanView 4 يبني

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