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NSIS 2.45

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NSIS 2.45  غير المفتاح

Release Notes

* Support for Microsoft's upcoming release of Windows 7 has been added
based on RC1 testing and documentation. Please report any related issues
and don't forget to use RequestExecutionLevel.

Major Changes

* Added support for Windows 7 installers - use RequestExecutionLevel, just
like with Vista (bug #2725883)
* Added WinVer.nsh Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 support
* Installers now identify as Terminal Services aware
longer be under the user's profile when installing on Terminal Services
* Less UAC annoyance in Add/Remove control panel (bug #2697027)

Minor Changes

* Added wildcard and /nonfatal suppport for !delfile (RFE #1505425)
* Fixed !searchparse (bug #2680110)
* Fixed input validation for CreateFont (bug #2801024)
* Fixed NSIS Menu handling of working directory (bug #2781948)
* Fixed Vista issues with shell folders ($DOCUMENTS, $PROFILE, etc.) on
root directories (bug #2138075)
* Minor documentation improvements (including bug #2705878, bug #2606525)
* Use SW_SHOWDEFAULT for ExecShell by default (bug #2796189)

Modern UI

* Call finish page show function only after the page is fully initialized
(bug #2720968)
* Fixed translation of uninstaller directory page (bug #2690112)
* Fixed installation type text position in components page (patch #2801317)


* Updated Indonesian (patch #2790571)
* Updated Portuguese BR (patch #2642542)

Build System

* Fixed some GCC warnings

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