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  • feature: Ability to Send SMS
  • feature: Predictive Dialer
  • feature: Shared Groups
  • feature: View Outlook Contacts
  • feature: Payments in Client
  • feature: Improved Account Creation
  • feature: Improved Upgrade
  • feature: Call quality Feedback
  • feature: Simplified Installation
  • feature: Voice level indicators in conference call
  • feature: File Transfer resumes after restart of Skype
  • feature: API group types PROPOSED_SHARED_GROUP and SHARED_GROUP (protocol 6 only), commands ALTER GROUP xx SHARE and ALTER GROUP xx ACCEPT/DENY
  • feature: API commands GET CALL xx RATE and GET CALL xx RATE_CURRENCY
  • feature: API commands SET UI_LANGUAGE and GET UI_LANGUAGE
  • change: Improved video quality
  • change: Removed windows platform check for video
  • change: Disable the Test Webcam button when Skype knows there is no webcam present
  • change: Improve error message when sending files to Pocket PC users
  • change: Replaced some ringtones
  • change: Accessibility: contact mood text accessible via MSAA
  • change: Accessibility: Implement MSAA support for search results
  • change: Language file editor has simple search and ordering possibilities
  • change: Profile window changed to non-modal
  • change: Clarified \'contact details\' in authorization requests
  • change: Sound file too big error shown already on import
  • change: Improved dialog wordings
  • change: Current chat window position at beginning of unread messages when opening the window
  • change: Only focused emoticon is animated in the emoticons roster
  • change: API protocol 6
  • change: API: conference calls that had been made or received with version 2.0 or older are not considered as conf calls any more change: API: After conference call is finished, CONF_PARTICIPANTS_COUNT shows number of all participants no matter when they had left change: ew language files Bulgarian (Nikolay Filipov & Nikolina Filipova , Czech (Petr Silon) , German (Claudius Henrichs & Dick Schiferli), Estonian (Eve Loopere), Hungarian (Mark Bender & Laszlo Koncz & Gabor Stefanik), Italian (Daniele Conte) , Norwegian (Stig Auestad), Dutch (Kees Koenders), Polish (Karol Szastok), Portuguese (Francisco Ferreira), French (Fabrice Imperial & Bruno Lépaulard), Spanish (David Reche), Finnish (Heino Keränen), Swedish (Anders Olsson) Turkish (Emin Dede), Romanian (Peter Henning), Arabic (Sophia Hammoudeh from Maktoob / Eriksen), Chinese Simplified (Leon Yang from , Chinese Traditional (Carlos Lee, Morden Chen from Pchome), Mayu Shimizu (Japanese), Anna Nystrom (Brasilian Portuguese)
  • bugfix: SkypeOut call quality deteriorated in long calls over bad network
  • bugfix: Fixed some corner cases where presence was shown incorrectly
  • bugfix: Mood message was truncated incorrectly
  • bugfix: Chinese symbols input to chat window problem with Wubi Input Methods
  • bugfix: No confirmation on deleting Voicemail
  • bugfix: Remove my mood message from \'my panel\' title when opened
  • bugfix: Video not updated when on hold
  • bugfix: Pressing \"cancel\" did not restore previous settings for Voicemail in options
  • bugfix: Calling invalid number with callto: did not show error dialog
  • bugfix: Default action button in multichat for people you have not authorized should be \'add\', not \'call\'
  • bugfix: Ampersand does not show correctly on tab header
  • bugfix: Double click did not work on quickfiltered chats
  • bugfix: After applying Quick Filter the previous group was changed
  • bugfix: Could not select URL in chat
  • bugfix: After adding new SkypeOut number Skype should focus on it
  • bugfix: When only one contact in the contact list, it should always be expanded
  • bugfix: Sort order in Contact List does not follow local collation order
  • bugfix: User Interface language change not applied to error message
  • bugfix: TypeDown search does not start at focused contact
  • bugfix: Long filenames were not truncated in File Transfer window
  • bugfix: API: If APPLICATION for app2app communication was created and closed without deleting it, next time it was impossible to create it again.
  • bugfix: API: BTN_RELEASED deleted first character entered on Addressbar
  • bugfix: API: OPEN SENDCONTACTS to multiple targets did not add recipients to form
  • bugfix: API: Setting TIMEZONE bigger than 86400 was broken
  • bugfix: API: ALTER VOICEMAIL actions were not returned uppercase
  • bugfix: API: Sometimes on deleting voicemail notification VOICEMAIL xx STATUS DELETING was missing
  • bugfix: API: SEARCH MESSAGES returned other users\' messages also
  • known issue: upgrading to 2.5 and downgrading from 2.5 might take time depending on call history length
  • known issue: conference call participant names lost in call history after upgrade
  • known issue: DTMF tones from dialpad do not work

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