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Following issues were fixed in Skype version

Instant Messaging

  • Text moved on screen when something was added to conversation while user was scrolling it.
  • Users were unable to copy and paste text from instant messaging (IM) text field into another application

Audio / Video

  • Some webcams were not detected by Skype
  • Video froze with some webcams
  • A long delay occurred when a user opted to start video during a call
  • Skype occasionally froze when selecting video options.


  • Skype crashed when focusing, with alt+tab, communicator message in compact view
  • Some controls were inaccessible via keyboard navigation


  • An incorrect informative message appeared when selecting the option “Make a test call” from the Welcome Screen
  • An incorrect informative message was displayed when creating a Skype account starting with a numeric symbol
  • Users were not able to enter a password which contained the same characters used in their Skype name
  • The Link “Learn more about SMS” was pointing to an incorrect help page.
  • Users were advised incorrectly of the Password length.
  • Skype froze when selecting the option Ctrl+Alt+Delete followed by Task Manager.
  • When editing a phone number on an existing landline or mobile contact, the entry was deleted and replaced with the new number
  • Skype crashed on startup on CPU's which did not support SSE technology

Authorization Requests

  • URL Links are no longer clickable within authorization requests


  • The Firefox Add-On would slow down page rendering even when highlighting was switched off
  • The games Mafia Wars was not available when Skype plug-in was installed
  • Account Names which contained two characters or less were not recognised.


  • All localization files associated with the abovementioned fixes have been updated

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