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SnagIt 8.0

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SnagIt 8.0  غير المفتاح

  • Added vector-based editing to the Preview Window and Editor.
  • Added the ability to capture links from web pages.
  • Added the ability to add hotspots to images.
  • Added the ability to output to PDF, SWF, and MHT formats.
  • Added a callout tool - basically a stamp and text tool combined.
  • Updated the Snagit main user interface.
  • Removed Snagit Studio from the main download.
  • Added more enterprise deployment options in the installer.
  • Changed the default hotkey from CTRL-SHIFT-P to PrintScreen.
  • Changed the way stamps are organized and displayed in the Preview Window and Editor.
  • Changed Snagit to minimize to the system tray rather than the task bar.
  • Fixed the foregrounding problem with the Preview Window.
  • Fixed the problem where CTRL-Z would not 'undo' in the Preview Window and Editor.
  • Fixed several problems where Snagit would not remember the a last-used setting, such as last directory, file type, etc.
  • Fixed the problem where the Snagit printer would not work for restricted-access users.
  • Fixed the problem of an autoscroll capture stopping unexpectedly without displaying an error message.
  • Fixed the problem where the Snagit main UI would display after another application prints to the Snagit printer while Snagit was not running.
  • Fixed the error that occurs when installing Snagit on Windows Server 2003.

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