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SnagIt 8.1.0

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SnagIt 8.1.0  غير المفتاح

  • Added support for Windows XP Professional x64.
  • Added the ability to insert Flash content into MS PowerPoint and MS Word.
  • Added access to profiles through the system tray icon.
  • Updated the PowerPoint add-in with a new Flash button for inserting Flash into PowerPoint.
  • Updated the COM server with all of Snagit's latest features.
  • Changed the callout tool to create vector objects.
  • Changed the selection tool to allow filters and effects to be applied to multiple selections of an image.
  • Fixed problem that OpenType fonts weren't available for the text tool.
  • Fixed bug where the system tray balloon tip was displaying in the wrong location.
  • Fixed Snagit's slow startup problem.
  • Dropped support for Windows NT 4.

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