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Total Commander 8.0 RC2

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Total Commander 8.0 RC2  غير المفتاح

- Fixed: Configuration dialog was opened twice when launching TC with ini location read only and 0 byte (or no) ini (64)
- Fixed: Do not call SHFileOperation with names longer than 259 characters (to delete to recycle bin), because it always fails, and may even cause an access violation on Windows Server 2003 (32/64)
- Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Empty directories were not deleted when deleting to recycle bin (32/64)
- Fixed: Main window, bottom buttons: Refresh problem on Ctrl+F2 when using classic theme (64)
- Fixed: Ctrl+D - Add current directory didn't support tabstops in folder names when adding dir to subfolder (32/64)
- Fixed: Enter (and ESC in 32-bit version) didn't work in inplace rename edit when a MessageBox was open in Lister. Unfortunately the beep cannot be avoided (32/64)
- Fixed: Configuration - Options - Colors: Center color comboxes vertically to ">>" button (32/64)
- Fixed: Configuration - Options - Colors: Foreground color combobox had wrong height (32)
- Fixed: Connection progress dialog (FTP) couldn't be closed if the connection failed (64)
- Fixed: Default beep on first opening (with fresh wincmd.ini) of multi-rename tool (32)
- Fixed: "Copy NTFS Permissions" was missing in F5 copy dialog when the Netware client was installed (32)

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