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uTorrent 1.8.1

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uTorrent 1.8.1  غير المفتاح

  • Fix: disconnect inactive peers sometimes not taking effect
  • Fix: rare crash with very large peer lists
  • Feature: detect IPv4 external IP from Teredo address
  • Change: revert "remaining" bytes to seeding goal change
  • Fix: parsing of IPs with leading zeros, in ipfilter.dat
  • Feature: Remaining column displays bytes left to meet seed goal, when seeding (webui too)
  • Fix: crash when deleteing torrent data
  • Fix: do not log about moving torrent data if it is already in the correct place
  • Fix: do not leave webui password field blank if no change occurred
  • Fix: parsing of URLs with username:password@
  • Fix: avoid duplicate connections with the same ID
  • Fix: a few UPnP log messages
  • Fix: crashes on Vista when network was changed (VPN, enabled/disabled, hibernation)
  • Fix: diskio.no_zero also when not pre-allocating
  • Fix: magnet URI .torrent storage path still was not being set
  • Feature: diskio.no_zero, to avoid zeroing a file during allocation, where available (>= XP)
  • Fix: kB/s truncated off upload speed in speed guide
  • Fix: connection distribution system with large number of torrents and a low global limit
  • Feature: parse 'downloaded' if sent with announce response
  • Change: do not include IPv6 addresses in 'Copy Peer List' if IPv6 is not installed (fixes [<ERROR>]:12345)
  • Fix: store .torrents from magnet URIs in correct storage path
  • Fix: halfopen miscount with aborted https connections
  • Fix: duplicate connections to same IP
  • Fix: canceled connection counting (solves tracker stuck in "updating...")
  • Fix: IP detection on < Win2k
  • Change: write DefaultIcon for .torrent association
  • Fix: crash with udp:// URLs
  • Feature: resolve hostnames through SOCKS4a and HTTPS proxies
  • Feature: add option for hostname resolution through proxies
  • Feature: isp.bep22, default off, inactive for private torrents
  • Feature: report successful upgrade, with statistics
  • Change: make room for the 'Downloaded' column header
  • Change: save resume file when graceful_shutdown is off and the time runs out
  • Fix: handle timed out sockets that connect eventually
  • Fix: crash with guest login for the webui
  • Fix: remove Teredo-specific logic from IPv6 support
  • Fix: IPv6 with SOCKS5
  • Fix: literal IPv6 addresses in tracker and web seed URLs
  • Feature: Double clicking RSS feed in category view edits feed
  • Change: Filter RSS log messages
  • Fix: guest account for webui
  • Fix: move halfopen counting improvements
  • should fix "tracker stuck in offline state" errors
  • Fix: work around Kaspersky bug with DNS SRV records
  • Change: reduce coalesce_write_size back to 2MB
  • Fix: improved halfopen counting
  • Fix: slow load with slow drives that are present
  • Fix: Issue where dialogs would focus main window when closed instead of last focused dialog
  • Fix: Copying of corrupt data from certain fields in the general tab
  • Fix: Corruption and various other settings-related issues caused by previous 1.8.1 betas
  • Fix: webui hashed password field auto-blanks and only hashes on change
  • Change: Allow custom seeding time maximums
  • Fix: webui hashed password upgrade from <= 1.8
  • Fix: resolve conflicts between .torrents in move complete path with .1.torrent etc
  • Fix: crash with cancelling HTTPS requests
  • Feature: 2x faster hashing
  • Feature: Open Containing Folder for Files tab
  • Change: sort torrents without ETA after torrents with infinity
  • Change: remove "Download Limited" behaviour
  • Change: turn sparse files off by default, due to fragmentation issues
  • Change: relax min_interval restriction on manual updates to 60 seconds if the last tracker request failed
  • Change: store hash of the webui password instead of plaintext
  • Fix: force non-sparse with preallocate on
  • Fix: 'hostname not found' on NT4
  • Fix: slow load with lots of torrents that point to a dead/missing drive
  • Fix: Some checkboxes overlapping others in the connection section of preferences
  • Fix: work around NOD32 IMON bug (HTTP 400)

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