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uTorrent 1.8.3 Beta 14715

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uTorrent 1.8.3 Beta 14715  غير المفتاح

- Change: Preserve file order text
- Fix: Prompt for .torrent association with new installs
- Change: Default bt.graceful_shutdown=true and diskio.no_zero=true
- Fix: Integrity check .dat files after saving. Do not overwrite file.dat.old with a bad file.dat
- Change: added code for handing bundles with the bundle type encoded in the bundle
- Change: modified the bundle code to unconditionally pop up dialog box
- Change: modified installer to remove the extra 32 bytes for the bundle type when installing from bundle
- Fix: no longer shows "make this your default .torrent handler" when running a bundle
- Change: added checkbox to the build torrent dialog so the user has the option not to rearrange the file order.
- Change: Modified the string for the "Start Seeding" checkbox to use 't' as the shortcut since 's' was being used by "Create and Save As..."
- Change: lengthen "About" dialog
- Feature: language selector and downloader before installer

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