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WinPatrol 25.6.2012.0

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WinPatrol 25.6.2012.0  غير المفتاح

Based on user feedback and especially the extra effort from loyal WinPatrol fans we've improved reliability with WinPatrol 25.6.

WinPatrol features work better than ever and we've removed the possibility of confusing messages that may have given incorrect alert messages.

  • Fixed Multiple Alerts When Startup Removed

One of the newest features of WinPatrol 25 is letting users know if a Startup program had been removed without their knowledge. Unfortunately, occasionally a bug appeared that once the initial warning appeared, WinPatrol continued to warn about the removal of other programs which still existed in the list of Startup Programs.

  • Windows 7 Performance Boost

WinPatrol has always worked well with all versions of Windows including Windows 7, this version takes better advantage of performance ability available to Windows 7 users.

  • Multiple Add/Remove Uninstall Entries

When checking the Uninstall list using the Add/Remove or Uninstall applet, WinPatrol may have retained previous versions. This version will remove past entries that exist.

  • License Agreement Info

In the past the license agreements for various WinPatrol versions were not clearly stated and easy to find on our website. The new setup program includes a description of the Free, PLUS, Family Pack and special licenses. Users will now see how unique WinPatrol is and what few restrictions exist.

  • Scotty Barking at Random

This has been a long time unexplainable quirk that never made sense. Reports of Scotty barking with no alert should be a thing of the past. 

  • IE Helper Enhanced

Some IE Helpers may have been missed on some machines. They will all now be properly displayed.

  • Uninstall Enhancements

While we now have a standalone WinPatrolRemove program, this version includes an Uninstaller that works much better than our past embarrassments. Improvements to the WinPatrol Uninstall program will now remove registry entries that gave incorrect screen positions when multiple monitors were used. We'll also remove any language packs which you may have installed in error.

  • Explorer Menu Integration

While some users may still not have the full privileges, most users will be able to look up PLUS Info for EXE's and DLL's directly from the right-click menu on Explorer file lists.

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