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WinZip 6.3

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WinZip 6.3 features an updated zip/unzip engine with automatic built-in disk spanning support for multi-disk Zip files. If you create a Zip file on diskettes and the first diskette fills, then disk spanning is automatically activated, and you are simply prompted to put in a new diskette to continue the archive. There is no need to specify that you want to use disk spanning before creating the Zip file.
Interface to WinZip Internet Browser Support Add-On
WinZip 6.3 interfaces to the free Internet Browser Support Add-On, which allows users to download and open archives from the Internet with one click via Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. There is no need to "Save to disk" and then switch to WinZip or to the Windows Explorer or File Manager to open the downloaded file. In addition, all files that have been downloaded are automatically copied from the Internet Browser's temporary folders to a folder of the user's choice; this ensures that a permanent copy of the download is saved on the user's system, even if the downloaded file is automatically deleted by the browser.
Windows 95 & NT Explorer context (right-click) menus enhancements

  • New "Add to <>" entry to easily compress files in place.
  • New "Extract to folder <filename>" makes it easy to unzip in place.
  • New "Create Self-Extractor" entry makes self-extracting Zip files.
  • WinZip context menus have an optional icon for easier identification.
  • WinZip context menus can be placed in a sub-menu.

Other features in the new zip/unzip engine

  • Empty folders are restored when unzipping.
  • Empty folders are stored when zipping (however, they are not listed in the main WinZip window for cosmetic reasons).
  • Empty folders are removed after a successful "Move" zip operation.
  • Attributes are automatically restored while unzipping.
  • Attribute support for Zip files in the Add and Drop dialog boxes:
  • Include files only if archive attribute is set.
  • Reset archive attribute after adding files.
  • Include system and hidden files.
  • Option to "Skip Older Files" while extracting.

Other changes

  • WinZip includes a work-around for a bug in DCOM95 and some pre-release versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 that results in a "Path too long" message when using the Extract dialog box under Windows 95.
  • WinZip no longer includes an option to run the MS-DOS PKZIP 2.04g (WinZip has not needed PKZIP/PKUNZIP to perform basic zipping and unzipping operations for the past several releases, but some users have assumed from the presence of this option that WinZip is only a shell for PKZIP/PKUNZIP, and required these programs for basic operations).
  • The Add and Drop dialog boxes include a Password button as an alternative to the Options->Password dialog box.
  • Improvements to "View Last Output" dialog box:
  • RichEdit control used under Windows 95 and NT for higher capacity.
  • View Last Output results improved while testing Zip files:
  • OK appears after each line.
  • Summary line appears at the end of the listing.
  • The WinZip Wizard now handles password protected files.
  • WinZip handles certain invalid zips more gracefully.
  • WinZip Self-Extractor Personal Edition supports password protected Zip files.
  • Under Windows 95 and NT, WinZip Self-Extractor Personal Edition is now a 32-bit EXE file (while earlier versions made it possible to build 32-bit self-extracting Zip files, the program that created these 32-bit files was actually a 16-bit program).
  • 32-bit self-extracting Zip files support Microsoft(R) Authenticode(tm) technology. In earlier versions, the self-extracting Zip file's integrity check conflicted with Authenticode. (For information on Authenticode, visit the Microsoft home page, click the "Search" button and search for "authenticode code signing".)

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