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WinZip 8.1

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WinZip 8.1  غير المفتاح

  • Enhanced Explorer Integration
    • You can now select multiple Zip files in an Explorer window and extract from all of them in one operation.
    • You can now choose which items WinZip should add to Explorer's context menu for Zip files and other archives. This feature can be accessed directly from the Explorer context menu if WinZip is configured to display its context menu items as a submenu; otherwise, it is available from the Explorer Enhancements tab of WinZip's Configuration dialog.
    • There is a new Explorer context menu entry that allows you to print a list of files in a Zip file. Note that, because Print is part of the standard Windows interface, it appears in the main context menu (not in the WinZip submenu) and has no WinZip icon.
    • You can now extract directly to recently used folders or to the open folder from the Explorer context menu. This means that, in combination with the existing extract options, you can perform most of the commonly used extract operations without leaving Explorer.
    • The new Zip and E-Mail Plus context menu entry extends the Zip and E-Mail feature by allowing you to change the name of the attachment and to use password protection.
  • Split Zip Files
    • WinZip now supports split Zip files, which are Zip files that have been split into multiple smaller pieces. This feature is very useful to overcome limits on the size of e-mail attachments and as an alternative to disk spanning.
  • WinZip Quick Pick Taskbar Tray Icon
    • The new WinZip Quick Pick taskbar tray icon gives you instant access to WinZip and your Zip files. Just left click the icon to open WinZip, or right click it to instantly reopen recently used Zip files, access your Favorite Zip Folders, open WinZip Help, or start WinZip itself.
  • WinZip Classic Interface Enhancements
    • The Extract dialog now has an option to open the folder where the files were stored when the extract operation has completed.
    • Right clicking on a column header in the main WinZip window now displays a menu that allows you to change the columns that are displayed.
    • Under Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, and Windows XP many dialogs that were previously fixed size can now be resized.
    • If the open archive is a Zip file, the Properties dialog contains a new Details button that displays extensive technical information about the Zip file and the files it contains.
    • The Open dialog contains a new Favorites button that gives you quick access to the files in your Favorite Zip Folders.
  • WinZip Wizard Enhancements
    • If the open Zip file contains a setup or install program, the Wizard now allows you to choose whether to run the installation or to simply extract the files.
    • In the panel used to select files to be added to a Zip file, the WinZip Wizard now displays a tooltip showing the complete filename when the mouse is hovered over a truncated filename.
    • The Wizard can now extract files from split Zip files and multiple disk ("spanned") Zip files.
  • Windows XP Features
    • When running under Windows XP, WinZip 8.1 operates as a native Windows XP program. There is no need to set compatibility mode.
    • WinZip includes the following support for Windows XP themes:
      • Menus, buttons, controls, lists, and checklists conform to the current theme.
      • Shaded columns and XP-style sort arrows indicate the column by which the file list is sorted and the sort order.
      • Resizable dialogs use grippers matching the current theme.
      • Both the WinZip program itself and self-extracting Zip files created by WinZip Self-Extractor Personal Edition use "highest quality" XP-style color images and background blending for WinZip-related icons. This occurs wherever these icons are displayed by Windows Explorer or My Computer, as well as for WinZip's own toolbar icons.
      • Self-extractors created by WinZip Self-Extractor Personal Edition support XP themes when displaying dialogs and messages.
    • Shared computer support includes:
      • With Fast User Switching, another user can log on and perform other operations (including using WinZip) while a long WinZip operation is being performed.
      • WinZip's Favorite Folders feature now monitors more folders, including Windows XP's "Shared Documents" folder and its subfolders, making it easier to find Zip files created or stored by other users.
  • Other Changes in WinZip 8.1
    • WinZip can now open "skin" files for Microsoft Media Player 7 (.WMZ), Yahoo! Player (.YFS), and WinAmp (.WSZ). Once open, you can use most of the operations available with any Zip file.
    • WinZip can now display Zip file comments of up to 64,000 characters if your system provides the necessary "rich edit" control.
    • Support for filenames containing multi-byte character set (MBCS) characters used with Asian languages such as Japanese, Chinese, and Korean has been improved.
    • The limit on the number of entries created by the CheckOut feature in the Programs menu has been increased from 50 to 500.
    • WinZip removes from the list of recently used files any files that no longer exist and were opened from the temporary or Internet files folders. This means that, for example, Zip files opened from your e-mail program no longer appear in your recently used file list after they have been deleted by the e-mail program.
    • Additional miscellaneous improvements to the WinZip program and help files.

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