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Abiword 2.2.3

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Abiword 2.2.3  غير المفتاح

Tim O'Brien

  • Unset formatting options (strike/underline/overline) properly in the Format Font dialog (Unix)

Francis Franklin

  • Remap Symbol & Wingdings/Dingbats characters to unicode; fixes list-bullet badness (MacOSX, bug 7591)
  • Possibly fix a crasher (can't say for sure) in the Lists dialog (MacOSX)
  • Don't add menu separators unless necessary (MacOSX, bug 8145)
  • View complex (CJK etc. & Alt+) input in document as you type. This removes the need for the Preview Panel & Tool Palette preview boxes. (MacOSX)
  • Add Tool Palette and Preview Panel to Window->Panels submenu (MacOSX)
  • Fix sections not being added before blocks in the XHTML importere (bug 8158)
  • Enable override of margin and indentation marker drawing methodsfor the Left and Top rulers (MacOSX)
  • Change 3D colors to improve the look of rulers (MacOSX)
  • Make margin and indentation markers slightly aquatic (MacOSX)
  • Make pretty ruler table cell marks (MacOSX)
  • Discard NSInputManager's marked text on mouse-click (MacOSX)
  • Fix the File Open Save As dialog to work on MacOSX 10.2 as well (MacOSX)
  • Update disc image documentation (MacOSX)
  • Get page size and orientation working in the PageSetup dialog (MacOSX)
  • Menu check-marks need to be switched off as well as on (MacOSX)
  • Foreground/Background color toolbar buttons pop up color panel (MacOSX)
  • Don't change the color panel name in the Tool Palette(MacOSX)
  • Display the correct opened file (MacOSX)
  • Fix Insert Field dialog (MacOSX)
  • Don't change the title of the Word Count dialog (MacOSX)
  • Usethe correct framedatafor displaying in the Left ruler
  • Revert to the default cursor on mouse-release in the Top ruler
  • Swap east/west cursors to the correct sides in the Top ruler
  • Add some build options to reduce the extent of the build (MacOSX)
  • Stop pop-up menus from auto-validating entriesin the Tool Palette (MacOSX)
  • New improved File OpenSave AS dialog with image preview (MacOSX)
  • Fully implement the Format Textbox dialog (MacOSX)
  • Fix a crash caused by unchecked absense of a frame/view (MacOSX)

Tomas Frydrych

  • Unbreak plugins by reverting an API change
  • Crash when deleting nested tables with revisions (bug 8173)
  • Remove an incorrect assert statement
  • Remove bad 1 pixel hack: fixes 'fat squiggles'(for spellchecking) bug
  • Text base line rendering fixes (Windows)
  • BiDi related bug fixes (Windows)
  • Change 'int 3' to 'int3' for GCC breakpoint instruction
  • Get rid off unnecessary calls to measureRenderedChars() (Windows)
  • Fix crash when visually dragging endnote text with full document history enabled (bug 8181)
  • Fix the text positioning (bug 8225)
  • Fix formatting loss when visually dragging text with document history turned on (bug8195)
  • Fix crash when undoing visual drag of bullets with document history turned on (bug 8234)
  • Fix formatting marks placed incorrectly after paste (bug 8244)
  • Bugfixes: 8216, 8141, 8238, 8040, 7951

Mark Gilbert

  • Disable table code that should have been disabled already
  • Remove some obsolete comments
  • Fix MinGW build

Josh Kwan

  • Bugfixes: 7470

Dom Lachowicz

  • Make the File OpenSaveAS dialog close on pressing escape (Unix)
  • Bugfixes: 8260/8147

Christopher James Lahey (Ximian/Novell)

  • Fix some va_copy build issues
  • Fix several non void return warnings

Jordi Mas

  • Stylist dialog localisation fixes (Windows)
  • Format Textbox dialog work (Windows)
  • Format Table dialog enhancements (Windows)
  • Remove the DictionaryDownloader dialog strings since they are no longer used
  • Fix intl18 problems in the Format TOC dialog (Windows)
  • Added more features to the Format TOC dialog (Windows)
  • Inlines getZoomPercentage()
  • Fix the win32native image plugin compliation
  • Fix pasting of BMP's (Windows)
  • Make the Language selection box bigger in the Preferences dialog (Windows)
  • Bugfixes: 5616, 8268

Marc Maurer

  • Fix theSave File dialog to allow 'Enter' to accept the current filename (Unix, bug 7833)
  • Some Format Textbox dialog layout tweaks (Unix)
  • Fix the use of somedangling pointers
  • Fix crash when inserting a Sum a Column field (Windows, bug 7947)
  • Bugfixes: 8143, 7996

Jeremy Messenger

  • Fix AikSaurus plugin to stopcrashing on exit(bug 8262)
  • Fix the FreeBSD build by changing #include "png.h" to #include <png.h> (bug 8267)

Alexander Nedotsukov

  • Fix crash on startup bug for locales with mb acceleratos in menu (Unix, bug 8265)

Julian Satchell

  • Improved dashbaord plugin

Martin Sevior

  • Fix crash when typing a letter after pasting a textbox (bug 7898)
  • Fix hang after visually dragging anendnote onto a TOC (bug 7944)
  • Fix crash after defining image wrapping in an Endnote/Footnote (bug 7946)
  • Fix crash after visually dragging Table cells twice (bug 8167)
  • Fix tables disappearing after visually dragging and dropping them (bug 8183)
  • Fix image of dragged text starts at incorrect offset(bug 7561, clue provided by Tomas Frydrych)
  • Fix the selection of a line above a Table missing the last character (bug 8203)
  • Fix text typed into Textbox goes into document instead (bug 8193)
  • Fix caret goes into Textbox after paste (bug 8212)
  • Fix crash when typing in a Textbox after pressing right (bug 8228)
  • Fix crash when typing text with wrapped image selected (bug 8231)
  • Fix crash after defining image wrapping twice inside of a Textbox (bug 8209)
  • Fix can't type on the line after a TOC (bug 8207)
  • Fix copy/paste of lists looses the first bullet (bug 8248)
  • Fix typing text produces errant line breaks with a header in the document (bug 8279)


  • Fix MinGW build
  • Gcc build fix
  • Fix documentation typo(bug 8166)

Robert Wilhelm

  • Fix a crash in the MS Word importer (bug 7991)
  • Bugfixes: 8209


  • Jordi Mas: Updated Catalan translations
  • Alain & Fulgence: mg-MG translations
  • Korvigelloù An Drouizig: Updated Breton translations
  • Sharuzzaman Ahmat Raslan: Updated ms-MY translations

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