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Abiword 2.2.5

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Abiword 2.2.5  غير المفتاح

Francis Franklin

  • Add a light gray border to the toolbars and adjust buttons (MacOSX)
  • RTF importer fix for Unicode above 32K which are wrapped as negative (variation on a patch by Roland Kay, bug 8468)
  • New document icons for RTF/DOC/WPD (MacOSX)
  • Don't open files at launch time until after plugins have loaded (MacOSX)
  • Improved toolbar combobox behaviour (bug 8417 & 8491)
  • Don't convert Helvetica to Helvetic during RTF import (MacOSX)
  • Use the correct names for units (points="pt" and pica="pi") in the Options dialog
  • Use the correct scale for mm ruler units in the rulers
  • Allow plugin-loading from Finder selection (MacOSX)
  • If no other windows open, revert to default window position for new frame (MacOSX)
  • Adjust zoom for new documents (bug 8415)
  • CocoaPlugin API support for adding items to the context menu (MacOSX)
  • Fix Stylist (MacOSX, bugs 8522 & 8523)
  • Fix the spinners in the Insert Table dialog (MacOSX, bug 8524)
  • Bugfixes: 8528, 8526

Roland Kay

  • Add UTF-8 locales to supported language table (bug 8500)
  • Bugfixes: 8499 (Modified by Dom Lachowicz)

Birch Knutson

  • Fix bug where normal headers become even-page-only headers when exporting to RTF (bug 6217)
  • Language of styles was not imported from RTF (bug 8445)
  • Bugfixes: 5627 (partially), 7300 (partially)

Dom Lachowicz

  •  Bugfixes: some work towards fixing bug 8359

Marc Maurer

  • 2.2.4 and 2.2.5 Changelogs
  • Bump version to 2.2.5
  • Prevent a bug in libwpd from being triggered, causing a crash on importing some WordPerfect documents (bug 8493)
  • Stop the AbiDash plugin from talking too much

Ryan Pavlik

  • Bugfixes: 8497

Smokey Ardisson

  • Bugfixes: 8494

Martin Sevior

  • Spell-checking underline does not draw fully (bug 7869)
  • Fix horrible regression on document import (mostly affected MS Word import)

Robert Staudinger

  • Fix "Selecting Format -> Paragraph with a few lines causes a crash" (bug 8465)
  • Zoom dialog HIG fixes (Unix)


  • Reinout van Schouwen: Updated nl-NL translation
  • Rhoslyn Prys: Updated cy-GB translation
  • Gilles Saint-Denis: Updated fr-FR translation
  • Erdal Ronahi: New Kurdish translation
  • Lukas Spieker: Updated de-CH translation
  • Korvigelloù An Drouizig: Updated br-FR translation

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