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Abiword 2.2.6

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Abiword 2.2.6  غير المفتاح

Jean Brefort

  • Bugfixes: 8756

Gilles Saint-Denis

  • Fix language lists not being localized (Windows, bug 7743)

Hubert Figuiere

  •  Don't crash on empty RTF files
  • Don't depend on libwpd during the build (MacOSX, bug 8616)

Francis Franklin

  • Fix crash when selecting replace or replace all with empty find string (MacOSX, bug 8526)
  • "Fix" crash to do with NSColorPanel not noticing its target has vanished (MacOSX, bug 8637)
  • Background dialog: activate color panel only if it is visible (MacOSX, bug 8547)
  • Return focus to document from tabs dialog (MacOSX, bug 8643)
  • Implement the Table of Contents dialog (MacOSX)
  • Table of Contents dialog: fix crash in updater when no frames are open (MacOSX)
  • Tool Palette: display font family and member names in own fonts (MacOSX)
  • Don't use OSX 10.3 linker options (MacOSX)ith NSColorPanel not noticing its target has vanished (MacOSX, bug 8547)
  • Fix crash with bad zoom percent setting in zoom dialog (MacOSX, bug 8548)
  • Make Font Chooser NSTableViews non-editable (MacOSX, bug 8554)
  • Insert field on double-click (MacOSX, bug 8555)
  • Fix array range error triggered during Check Spelling...
  • Fix crasher in left ruler (and potentially in top ruler also) (MacOSX, bug 7809)
  • Fix stepper in PageSetup dialog's AbiWord pane (MacOSX, bug 8566)
  • Range checks in Insert Table dialog (MacOSX, bug 8542)
  • Various improvements to Columns dialog (MacOSX, bug 8553)
  • Disable image placement matrix for inline images (MacOSX, bug 8550)
  • Disable size controls for automatic table column size (MacOSX, bug 8551)
  • Work on the CocoaPlugin API
  • Wrap description in document properties (MacOSX, bug 8567)
  • Correct radio item selection in Insert Page Numbers dialog (MacOSX, bug 8549)
  • Selection of tabs/pages (e.g., Spelling) in Options dialog (MacOSX, bug 8569)
  • Fix sentence case anomaly in Change Case dialog (MacOSX, bug 8571)
  • Disable autosave controls when autosave is turned off (MacOSX, bug 8638)
  • Fix initial tab of meta data dialog (MacOSX, bug 8639)
  • Allow document properties to be unset (MacOSX, bug 8640)
  • Fix initial value of auto-column-size stepper (MacOSX, bug 8689)
  • Font dialog: add sub-/superscript options (MacOSX, bug 8636)
  • Font dialog: be wary of color panel (MacOSX)
  • Implement modal Stylist panel (MacOSX)
  • Save new zoom setting in preferences
  • Fix zoom dialog's handling of percentages (MacOSX)
  • Start with correct pane of document properties (MetaData) dialog (MacOSX)
  • Fix listbox selection change with keyboard (MacOSX, bug 8753)
  • Avoid crash in insert table caused by negative row/column count (MacOSX)
  • Merge/SplitCells dialog: check for the existence of a view (MacOSX)

Tomas Frydrych

  • Reduce cummulative effect of rounding errors in placing characters (Windows)
  • Prevent text runs from being over 32000 chars (Windows, bug 8542)
  • Bugfixes: 7963 (partially), 8628

Theppitak Karoonboonyanan

  • Crash/Hang When Starting New Line in Thai Locale (bug 8064)

Birch Knutson

  • Bugfixes: 4700

Dom Lachowicz

  • Fix confusing/contradictory message when "Revert" is chosen (bug 8594)
  • Bugfixes: 8635

Caolan McNamara/RedHat

  • GCC4 build fixes (bug 8563)

Marc Maurer

  • 2.2.6 Changelog
  • Bump version to 2.2.6
  • Add virtual destructors to classes with virtual functions
  • Fix "read as a macro" in new glibc (wv)
  • Update the supported mimetype list, program names and comments in the abiword.desktop file (Unix)
  • Bugfixes: 6502

Martin Sevior

  • Make positioned images zoom correctly
  • Make the caret stay in the right position when zooming
  • Fix the redraw bug that would sometimes leave bits of the screen white after printing
  • No extra blank lines at the top of cells with text exported to RTF
  • Fix invalid comparison between a container_type and a section_type (found by Hubert Figuiere)
  • Fix crash due to line break not being added after pasted table (bug 8331)
  • Handle footnotes/endnotes placed in tables correctly
  • Fix a hang in Text to Table (bug 8559)
  • Allow numbers to be included in Text to Table
  • Fix visual drag and drop of Table Columns
  • Fix crash when inserting footnote after inserting TOC and table (bug 8592)
  • Fix crash when typing after endnote reference (bug 8323)
  • Fix crash on page size change with a selection (bug 8490)
  • Fix crash after visually dragging bulleted text into header (bug 8271)
  • Work around a crash in exporting XHTML to the clipboard
  • Substantial speed up of loading a large document with a TOC
  • Import Positioned objects from MS Word
  • Remove old text drag code (bug 8540)
  • Fix annoying bug in Lists dialog where "attach to previous list" would cause a warp to the first page

Robert Staudinger

  • Allowing jpeg images to be drag and dropped into AbiWord (Unix, bug 8683)


  • Fix top ruler unrefreshed after changing style with stylist (bug 7948)
  • Fix a compilation warning (removal of unreferenced variable) (Windows)
  • Fix copyright date outdated in about dialog (2004 -> 2005) (bug 8562)
  • NSIS download locations now rely on instead of and (bug 8165 and friends)
  • Change the name of the libiconv dependency (Windows)
  • Bugfixes: 8545 (partially, typos in release notes), 4105

Robert Wilhelm

  • MS Word Table of Contents import fixes (bug 8359)
  • Make FV_View::insertHeaderFooter a little bit more robust (see bug 8270)
  • Support cropped images in the RTF and MS Word importers and exporters


  • Erdal Ronahi: Updated Kurdish translation

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