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Google Chrome Beta

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Google Chrome Beta  غير المفتاح


* New FTP implementation: use --new-ftp
* Experimental Bookmark Menu: use --bookmark-menu
* HTML5 Web Workers: use --enable-web-workers
* Implement SSL renegotiation. (Issue: 6893)
* Pressing the Del key while a item is selected in the form suggestion popup deletes that suggestion from the DB.
* WebKit version 530.4
* V8 version


* Add command line switch "--new-ftp" for new portable FTP (Issue: 4965)
* Add the directory listing code for the new portable FTP (Issue: 4965)
* SSL improvements. (Issue: 8706)
* Fix excessive CPU when scrolling Flash. (Issue: 8653)
* Fix crash on showing info bubble. (Issue: 8854)
* Aligning text to the right, especially RTL languages. (Issue: 1845)
* Fix dragging a Chrome window which has a single tab by the tab itself. (Issues: 2827, 8287)
* Do correct hit testing for context menu items. (Issue: 8100)
* Add support for progressive JPEGs with MIME type image/pjpeg. (Issue: 2104)

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