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KeePass Password Safe 1.12

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KeePass Password Safe 1.12  غير المفتاح

Changes from 1.11 to 1.12:

New Features:

  • Groups in the group list now behave like folders in Windows Explorer when moving groups/folders (i.e. sub-groups are also moved).
  • Added advanced option to drop to the background when copying data to the clipboard.
  • Added auto-type configuration dialog (button \'Auto-Type\' in the options dialog, tab page \'Advanced\'); this dialog now contains all options related to auto-type.
  • The default auto-type sequence can now be configured in the Auto-Type configuration dialog.
  • Added option to prepend a special auto-type initialization sequence for Internet Explorer and Maxthon windows to fix a focus issue (option enabled by default).
  • Added field reference creation dialog (accessible through the \'Tools\' menu in the entry editing dialog).
  • KeePass now follows field references in indirect auto-type sequence paths.
  • Field references are dereferenced when copying data to the clipboard.
  • Secure edit controls in the master key and entry dialogs now accept text drops.
  • Group names in the entry details view are now clickable; click it to jump to the group of the entry (especially useful for jumping from search results to the real group of an entry).
  • Added documentation about how to customize KeePass (networks).
  • KeePass now shows an explicit file corruption warning message when saving to a file fails.
  • KeePass on Windows ¡Ü XP now mimics the extended combobox behavior seen on Windows Vista: when pressing a character key, the next string starting with this character is selected (for example a file can be selected in the key files list now by pressing the key corresponding to the drive).
  • Entries in the auto-type entry selection window are now sorted.


  • The auto-type sequence and auto-type window definition lines are now removed before copying the contents of the notes field to the clipboard, executing an URL and/or auto-typing.
  • KeePass recreates the temporary system/account directory, if it has accidently been deleted.
  • When using the installation package and Windows Vista, settings are now stored in the user\'s profile directory (instead of Virtual Store; like on Windows XP and earlier).
  • If the option to remember the last used file is disabled, KeePass now won\'t remember the last used directory either.
  • Entry details view is now cleared when no entry is selected.
  • All edit combo boxes can now auto-scroll horizontally.
  • When security-critical operations are disabled, the \'unhide\' button in the master key dialog is disabled now.
  • The read-only flag is not cleared anymore when closing a file (consequently locking will not clear the read-only flag).
  • When deleting a subgroup tree, backup entries of all deleted entries are now created in the \'Backup\' group.
  • Improved status bar updating on WTS notifications.
  • {INSERT} works like {INS} now.
  • Various code optimizations.
  • Minor installer improvements.
  • Minor other improvements.


  • \"User Name\" is now translated correctly in TXT exports.
  • Referencing passwords of other entries now works correctly.

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