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KeePass Password Safe 2.15

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KeePass Password Safe 2.15  غير المفتاح

New Features:

  • Added option to show the master key dialog on a secure desktop (similar to Windows' UAC; almost no keylogger works on a secure desktop; the option is disabled by default for compatibility reasons).
  • Added option to limit the number of history items per entry (the default is 10).
  • Added option to limit the history size per entry (the default is 6 MB).
  • Added {PICKCHARS} placeholder, which shows a dialog to pick certain characters from an entry string; various options like specifying the number of characters to pick and conversion to down arrow keypresses are supported; see the one page long documentation on the auto-type help page; the less powerful {PICKPASSWORDCHARS} is now obsolete (but still supported for backward compatibility).
  • The character picking dialog now remembers and restores its last position and size.
  • KDBX file format: attachments are now stored in a pool within the file and entries reference these items; this reduces the file size a lot when there are history items of entries having attachments.
  • KDBX file format: attachments are now compressed (if the compression option is enabled) before being Base64-encoded, compressed and encrypted; this results in a smaller file, because the compression algorithm works better on the raw data than on its encoded form.
  • PLGX plugins can now be loaded on Unix-like systems, too.
  • Added option to specify a database color; by specifying a color, the main window icon and the tray icon are recolored and the database tab (shown when multiple databases are opened in one window) gets a colored rectangle icon.
  • New rich text builder, which supports using multiple languages in one text (e.g. different Chinese variants).
  • Added 'Sort By' popup menu in the 'View' menu.
  • Added context menu commands to sort subgroups of a group.
  • Added option to clear master key command line parameters after using them once (enabled by default).
  • Added application policies to ask for the current master key before changing the master key and/or exporting.
  • Added option to also unhide source characters when unhiding the selected characters in the character picking dialog.
  • Added ability to export custom icons.
  • Added 'String' trigger condition.
  • Added support for importing DataViz Passwords Plus 1.007 CSV files.
  • Enhanced 1Password Pro importer to also support 1PW CSV files.
  • Enhanced FlexWallet importer to also support version 2006 XML files (in addition to version 1.7 XML files).
  • Enabled auto-suggest for editable drop-down combo boxes (and auto-append where it makes sense).
  • Pressing Ctrl+Enter in the rich text boxes of the entry dialog and the custom string dialog now closes with OK (if possible).
  • Added option to cancel auto-type when the target window changes.
  • Auto-type on Unix-like systems: added support for key modifiers.
  • Added '--saveplgxcr' command line option to save compiler results in case the compilation of a PLGX plugin fails.
  • Added workaround for % .NET SendKeys issue.
  • Added workaround for Mono bug 620618 in the main entry list.

Improvements / Changes:

  • Improved key file suggestion performance.
  • When the master key change application policy is disabled and the master key expires (forced change), KeePass now shows the two information dialogs only once per opening.
  • After removing the password column, hiding behind asterisks is suggested by default now when showing the column again.
  • TAN entries now expire on auto-type, if the option for expiring TANs on use is enabled.
  • Auto-type now sends acute and grave accents as separate characters.
  • Auto-type now explicitly skips the taskbar window when searching for the target window.
  • Multiple lines are now separated in the entry list and in the custom string list of the entry dialog by a space.
  • RoboForm importer: improved multiline value support.
  • Improved UNC path support.
  • Improved entry list refresh performance.
  • Improved UI state update performance.
  • Entry list context menus are now configured instantly.
  • Inapplicable group commands are now disabled.
  • Improved control focusing.
  • Improved clipboard handling.
  • Copying and pasting whole entries is now also supported on Windows 98 and ME.
  • Improved releasing of dialog resources.
  • Improved keys/placeholders box in auto-type editing dialog.
  • Improved user-friendliness in UAC dialogs.
  • Tooltips of the tab close button and the password repeat box can be translated now.
  • Improved help (moved placeholders to separate page, ...).
  • KeePassLibSD now uses the SHA-256 implementation of Bouncy Castle.
  • Upgraded installer.
  • Various code optimizations.
  • Minor other improvements.


  • Window titles are now trimmed, such that auto-type also works with windows whose titles have leading or trailing whitespace characters.
  • Detection of XSL files works under Linux / Mac OS X now, too.

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