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KeePass Password Safe 1.16

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KeePass Password Safe 1.16  غير المفتاح

- Added option to use Windows' CNG/BCrypt API for key
transformations (about 50% faster than the KeePass built-in
key transformation code; by increasing the amount of rounds
by 50%, you'll get the same waiting time as in 1.15, but the
protection against dictionary and guessing attacks is raised
by a factor of 1.5; option enabled by default; only Windows
Vista and higher)
- Completely new update checking system that now also supports
checking for new plugin versions
- Added warning when trying to open a KDBX file created by
KeePass 2.x (with hint about how to migrate from 2.x to 1.x)
- Added 'KeeAutoNewDbBasePath' and 'KeeAutoNewDbBaseName'
configuration options (to specify the default location where
the database file will be stored in mini mode)
- Added advanced option to immediately delete TAN entries after
using them
- Added '-minimize' command line option
- Added '-registerfileext' and '-unregisterfileext' command
line options to register/unregister the KDB file association
- File association methods are now UAC aware
- Added check for reserved group names (like 'Backup')
- On Windows Vista and higher, core database manager error /
warning messages are displayed using modern task dialogs
- The number of days below which entries are treated as soon to
expire can now be configured (see help -> customize)
- Plugins: added new COM interface (IKpAPI2) for the main API
that allows querying whether the database is the one
initially specified on the command line
- Key provider plugin API: new key query method that supports
context information

- Image list handling improvements
- When auto-locking after the specified number of seconds of
inactivity, KeePass minimizes to taskbar or to tray,
depending on the 'Minimize to tray instead of taskbar' option
- Plugin versions are now displayed in a separate column in the
plugins dialog
- When trying to open a second master key dialog or auto-type
entry selection dialog for a window, KeePass brings itself to
the foreground instead of showing a second dialog
- Calculation of soon to expire entries is now more precise
- Various improvements to status bar messages
- Improved workspace locking toolbar button tooltips
- Installer: various minor improvements
- Various code optimizations
- Minor other improvements

- Newlines of the notes field are now encoded correctly in
exports when Unix mode is enabled
- New databases do not inherit file names of previous locked
databases anymore

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